Monday, August 17, 2015

Mustang Ranch Brothel Review

The Mustang Ranch is one of the largest brothels in Nevada and in my opinion the best when it comes to price and variety of ladies.  I can not post the videos I found on YouTube here because in my opinion they are out of date.  The place doesn't look like it does in the video.  It is not drastically different but there are differences.  Still I will include their website.

There are two sections the brothel and the bar.  The men are only allowed in the brothel if they are with a woman or having a lineup.  You can sit in the bar Wild Horse Saloon and chat with as many ladies as you want for as long as you want.  All financial discussions take place in a special room with a lot of light to ensure the lady can properly inspect your equipment for visual signs of disease.  The room is obviously microphoned.  This is to ensure that the client and the lady both agree what will be done and for how much.  

There are two negotiation rooms, and the lady checks in with the cashier before using one.  Money is always upfront and the lady will take the money to the cashier.  Do bear in mind that whatever price you two agree upon she only gets half of it, the brothel gets the other half.  Out of her cut comes room and board, and fees for health screenings and taxes.  

There are ladies that charge a lot of money and those who might be having a slow week and are more flexible on what they charge.  First rule of negotiation is that the first person to quote a number usually loses, so insist on getting a price from her first.  Don't be shocked at the price, she is starting her negotiation high. A typical question from a sex worker is "What are you looking to spend?"  Again stand firm, have her quote first and work from there.  However I can tell you that you are not going to get a $20BJ.  While this brothel is one of the cheapest in Nevada, no Nevada Brothel is really cheap.  Price can go from several hundred to a few thousand.  The more you want the more you pay.  

While the ladies usually spend about 30 minutes with you I had one who spent over an hour.  I even reminded her that my time was up but she insisted I stay because she was having fun.  Such is an exception and not a rule.  

The bar is recently redecorated with new furniture and the seats are very comfortable.  For a place of it's size it really could use some part time servers as the bar tender had to function as bar tender and waiter for the entire place which could seat 100 people.  The one draw back is the music is loud.  Painfully loud.  For those who work there, I would suspect will eventually suffer hearing loss.  There is also a stage where women dance on for tips.  The food is very good and I would recommend this place as a good place for lunch as the food is good and prices are cheap.  Plus you have ladies to talk to.

Finding this place can be tricky as you think you need to go to Mustang Nevada, but nope, exit 28 and follow the signs for the saloon.  For some reason law prohibits them from advertising the brothel but the bar can be advertised so that is how they get around it.  There is plenty of parking, and even a high priced hotel if you want to stay there.  The hotel is actually formally Mustang Ranch 2 and the rooms are very small and in my opinion stay in the greater Reno area starting just 15 miles west of the brothel.

I can not stress how much better this Brothel is compared to the others in Nevada.  My only complaint is that they need to turn down the music to a reasonable level.  Whether you are there for some fooling around or just want to hang out this is the place.  If you have a reputation for being generous with the tips (which can happen very quickly as these girls all talk to each other) you will never run out of nice ladies to talk to.  My best advice is to go early in the morning or mid afternoon.  You will find a lot of ladies and not too many other men to compete with.  The ladies work 12 hour shifts.  So there is a day crew and a night crew.