Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hungrybear9562 still doesn't get it

It seems that he is still having trouble understanding what fair use is. In fact a comment reply he left on the above video reads...

@sheri226 The rule is open to interpretation. I seek to get into court and fight this. I seek a court battle, I say bring it on Mother effer, lets fight, I love to fight!

Well he may love to fight, but hopefully he takes the time to consult with a lawyer who specializes in copyright law before he does it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Keep the Internet Drama on the Internet

Let me respond to this video.

First, there are countless YouTube Partners out there who have been banned from former accounts. Although YouTube does have a policy that once you are either suspended or terminated you are not allowed to have another account, it is rarely enforced. I do know that some believe the rule only applies to Terminated accounts but when your account is suspended they send you an email informing you that you are prohibited from creating, accessing, or possessing any other YouTube account. Irregardless, it is a policy YouTube rarely enforces. I know of one partner who previously had lost 2 other partner accounts.

Now on to Social Security. It is true that he is collecting disability when he is not disabled. His only physical limitation is impaired hearing. For this he wears a hearing aid. However, I highly doubt that the motivation to report him to Social Security is to save the Federal Government the $500 bucks he gets each month. (He said in a prior video that he earned $500 but I don't remember which video) Rather I suspect the motivation is to simply screw with someone in real life.

Granted Corky has said on many occasions that he does not want to work, and that he looks down on those who perform low end jobs. Granted, Corky is able to refuse to work because he can live of disability. However, it is always wrong to screw with someone in real life.

Recently Corky posted a video announcing that he got a ticket in Northern California and decided that he wasn't going to pay the ticket. Rather he was going to spend it on getting his LSAT which is some kind of law certification or something. As a result his driver's license may be suspended soon or perhaps it already is. It is also possible that his insurance has expired.

When you consider the condition of the van, in Corky's own words, this could be a danger to the public.

However, since arriving in the LA area, he has not shown himself driving the van. Rather he is on foot all the time. For a time I speculated that the van was impounded, but recently he began filming from inside his van again. Of course previously he claimed that he traded it in for a MotorHome, yet another of his lies. However, I see no reason to conclude that the vehicle is on the road, and as such is no threat to others. Of course Corky will always be Corky and will continue to be a nusiance wherever he goes. (For example his destruction of a toilet by a dumpster, my money says he never cleaned that up) I also believe he is camping somewhere. Many of his videos start with him walking out of a wooded area.

Now should Corky be flagged off YouTube? Yes, if indeed he does violate the rules. For example when he made a video about someone who left a few comments on his videos, accusing her of killing children who were in her care, that certainly should be flagged as bullying. His doc dropping, his threats to others in comments and PMs can and should be reported. But keep the internet drama where it belongs. On the internet.

Now Corky, if you are reading this, congrats on finally getting into the account monetization program. Hopefully you can earn some extra money. Quit trying to threaten other people on the internet and finally make something out your channel. For crying out loud you went to Vidcon met a lot of big people and the first thing you do with your new exposure is upload two videos about what an asshole I am. You did the same thing when you got a shoutout from iJustine. In stead of running with the ball and promoting yourself, you upload videos accusing me of all sorts of BS. Move on with your life. I have.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My only word on Corky

This fight is over. There is nothing left to be said. I have moved on with my life, he has moved on with his. I understand that he intends to sue me, and that is fine. However, my only statement about his latest actions are the same as I stated in my last video about this.

That being said, I do thank MyRealityBytes for puting up this video. I encourage everyone to watch it and to subscribe

This is also another good video that I found today