Friday, July 3, 2015

Why relying on the courts for social justice is a bad idea

Well, gays can get married in all 50 states and all 50 states must recognize those marriages.  Cheif Justice Robert's in his disenting opinion wrote, that the decision had nothing to do with the constitution.  Justice Alito wrote against the fact that a small majority of justices can invent new rights and impose them on the rest of the country.  These two dissenting opinions are among the best in my opinion.  I also think these opinions have merrit.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Brett Keane wants to start it up again

It has been at least two years since Brett Keane and I have parted ways.  I see no need for him to start it up again but looks like he isn't happy unless he is fighting with someone over trivial bullwinkle on the internet. Those who know his past know that Brett Keane loves to rewrite history as he believes that his audience is to lazy to check the facts.

Here is the video made by Brett Keane it has already been copied by others.  It starts out with a introduction to the whitest Jesus anyone has ever seen.  Jesus was not white, he was from the middle east and worked as a carpenter, that is outside in the sun.  He was likely very dark skinned.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

What is controversial about Submissive Wives?

Hollywood has refused to accept the market draw of catering to conservatives and Christians, almost without exception any movie that caters to this crowd is a sure win at the box office.  Cable television on the other hand has accepted this and embraced it.  Think Duck Dynasty and the Duggars.  Even when online petitions have sought to remove these families from television the TV show lives on.  Even with the recent scandal involving Josh Duggar and his sisters, I predict advertisers would still line up to put the next season on the air.  They even have a spin off show featuring Pastor Bates and his 20 children

The latest show to cater to the Christian right is a TV special called "Submissive Wives" or Submissive Wives guide to marriage."  You can hear the misogynists drool and the feminists moan as each form opinions on the show without having actually seen it.  Unlike mysogynists and feminists those who believe in equal rights for men and women realize that some times women chose to submit.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Is Advertising Sexist

I was going to write a thought out response to my friend LaciGreen's recent video embedded below

In short her argument is based on cherrypicked evidence and generalizations not grounded on any real data.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Internet is not a place for good news

Yesterday I made the mistake of uploading a video showing off this lady I was seeing.  I introduced her to my viewers.  Almost immediately my comment section was flooded by comments calling her a hooker.  Now there is nothing wrong with hookers, in fact I have been upfront and honest about admitting that I have used them.  However, I foolishly thought that there might be people happy for me.  How very unwise of me.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Is it wrong to have standards?

I was looking at my older videos, particually from the 2013 era.  I was a bit younger, and in the best shape of my recent years.  Much of that was due to walking.

I have written several blog posts about my standards and deal breakers when it comes to dating.  As I am nearing 40, are my standards too high for someone in my position?

Let's face it, I am a grey haired fat guy.  While I do get some action, in fact I was rubbing some feet last Thursday, I am no where near to getting the action I would get if I were in better shape.

I recently changed jobs.  In earlier years this would have been a set back for me.  This time I had FU money. I had enough in savings where I could say "screw you guys, I'm going home"  This new job is a bit different that what I am used to, but it has more money.  Another advantage is nobody at works knows HappyCabbie even exists.  At my last job someone recognized me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dating Older Women

I recently read an article about the downsides of dating older woman A.K.A. Cougars.  The author suggested against it.  I would like to refute this article, but first I need to define my terms.

A Cougar is a single woman over 40, that is attracted to younger men.  They are usually attractive.  They are usually recently divorced or in a loveless marriage.  An older woman is just that.  A woman who is older. For a man there are two times that dating either a Cougar or an older woman works.

The young Buck.  The 20 year old stud in his prime.

If what you want is just sex with no strings attached, then fresh out of high school is when you are going to get it.  Furthermore, forget about banging Stiffler's Mom