Saturday, April 28, 2012

I actually Answered Brett Keane's Question last year

Brett Keane posted a video today responding to my question. Essentially my question was how he could justify his presence on a website whose sole purpose is doc dropping, trolling, and harassing other users. So far he has avoided this question. Instead Brett Keane asked me a question that essentially I answered a year ago.

Well here is my answer

Friday, April 27, 2012

Clarifications for Corky

Well Corky posted a video today as a response to the Brett Keane/HappyCabbie debate going on right now on the FacepalmResponse channel.

So lets clear up some of the things he said in error.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taking down the Corky Videos Again

Well today I decided to give Corky another chance. For those who do not know he recently lost his latest account for threatening another user.

Specifically leaving a comment on a video saying "lots of news stories about victims of bullies putting and end to the bullying once and for all with lethal consequences for the bullies. Take note"

You can see a screen shot of this comment yourself by going to this video

Friday, April 13, 2012

YouTube Adsense Questions Answered

Two months ago I posted the video embedded below.  I had a rare chance to ask some questions to AdSense support team.  I decided to allow my viewers to submit their own questions

Now obviously not all questions could be answered.  Essentially what I told the people I was talking to that any answer I got would be made public, so only answer what could be made public.  Below is their answers.  I would like to remind everyone that this blog post is NOT a replacement for the
Terms of Service for AdSense or the Terms of Service for YouTube for 

Therefore, even though these answers came from AdSense staff your best bet is to refer to the Terms of Service.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

HappyCabbie responds to Brett Keane

Today I posted a new video on my channel FacepalmResponse

Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Good Catholic Girl" doesn't want to pay for birth control

Meet Trisha Paytas aka GrindhouseBarbie as it says on her YouTube channel
She is a former stripper and currently a model for several fetish magazines.
Fetish Fantasy Lingerie Lingerie July 2011 (ongoing)
Popsi Lingerie Lingerie Sept 2010 (ongoing)
Romance Novel Covers Stock April 2010
Hips and Curves Lingerie Sept 2009 (ongoing)
This according to her resume at ModelMayhem I originally found this video because good friend Christine Peace made a video response to it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Video Bumping on YouTube

To those who are getting your subscription boxes flooded, let me explain. If you recall for My April Fools Prank I made it look like my channel was hacked. To do this I had to private all of my videos. Now I am making them public again. Sadly this is resulting in old videos even some 4 years old being published as New Videos. If you can deal with it for about 12 more hours I will be done.

I have reported this issue to YouTube as obviously this is a way to cheat the system if more people started doing this. As you know the subscription box only holds 14 videos so if a Partner wanted to get more views all he had to do is private and unprivate a video and it would go right to the top, bumping off other people who are not cheating.

YouTube has since responded to me and they are working on a fix to solve this issue. In the meantime all I can do is ask for your continued patience. I should be done in about 12 hours. You guys rock. About 8 months ago the video gaming community broke the story on video bumping and YouTube quickly patched it. However with the recent redesign of the YouTube homepage, it looks like this exploit is back. It will take about a week or so for YouTube to fix it. They usually push out fixes on Wednesday which has already past so we will have to wait for next week. This is why this glitch needs to be fixed. YouTube sadly is now all about money. Money comes from views so naturally greed will cause people to exploit whatever tricks they can do in order to get more views for themselves. Having your videos constantly at the top of your Subscriber's homepage is one way to increase views. This is so much more true now that the YouTube hope page features subscriptions front and center and not the most viewed videos of the day as before. Most people are not going to look for page 2 or three of their subscriptions. Page one at the top is where you want to be. So in order to level the playing field, YouTube needs to ensure that video bumping is stopped once again.