Sunday, May 26, 2013

My confession, Brett Keane Extortion

I must confess a dark secret. It has recently come to light that YouTube staff regularly has skype calls with Brett Keane as they have no choice but to comply with his demands. I don't know how Brett Keane managed to get this dirt he has on me and those in the YouTube home office but for the past year Brett Keane has been extorting us all. If we fail to comply with his demands to remove content per his requests he will post the dirt to his website of over 1,000 members.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Motor club of America is a scam that earns money through recruitment in a pyramid scheme type of business. They claim to be selling roadside assistance through Motorclub of America, yet that name is designed to impersonate the real National Motorclub of America which has no association with and does not recruit through YouTube.

I became aware of this scam when recently one of the people I follow on YouTube posted a video about it. The warning signs were all there, instead of focusing on what a great product something was, the pitch was how much money could be made from selling it.

I immediately went to YouTube and found a bunch of people doing the same type of videos. All of them flashing cash at the camera and talking about how much money they were making and why you should sign up under their link. (The truth is they get paid when people sign up under them.) Nobody was pitching how great the roadside assistance was.

There were even several videos titled "TVCMatrix is a scam" or "Motorclub of America is a scam" simply to cheat the search results to put them at the top, and in the video description is the URL's to join their network. Again, everyone was focused on how much money they made and not about what a great product something is. The truth is that there are some really great videos that break it down really well on why this is a scam.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New YouTubers Take Note

I recently logged onto YouTube and immediately found what soured my enjoyment of the site.  People justifying the actions of trolls and stalkers.  I was not dismayed by the behavior of the bad people, rather it was that their behavior was justified because of who the target is.

The first is Onision.  Onision is well known but also very hated on the internet.  I found him when he only had about 16,000 subscribers.  He now has over 800,000 on his main channel.  The first video I saw of his was Murder Eater.  This is because of another lady I was subscribed to posted a video response to TheAmazingAtheist after he did a response to Onision.  It was the first of many video responses I did to Onision.