Monday, August 17, 2015

So what happened to Trena?

About a month ago I met this wonderful lady named Trena. At the time she was one of 3 ladies I was dating and she was probably seeing me and at least one other person. Trena by far was the best and I think very soon our relationship could escalate to being exclusive. As a weird twist both times we went out Laundry was the focal point.

I decided it was time to introduce her to YouTube. We recorded a video together and it was mostly just us laughing. She really was a catch. Sadly it appears she has changed her mind. She stopped answering the phone and did not return phone calls. Perhaps she found someone better, perhaps I did something that upset her on our last phone call. Anyway, my last communication was a text message wishing her well. That was sent 5 days ago, there has been no response. It is a shame, I really did enjoy being with her.

I think I am going to take a break from dating for a while, focus more on self-improvement. I am not giving up on women, far from it, I just need time to regroup and recharge. Enjoy the blogs that I have written.

Mustang Ranch Brothel Review

The Mustang Ranch is one of the largest brothels in Nevada and in my opinion the best when it comes to price and variety of ladies.  I can not post the videos I found on YouTube here because in my opinion they are out of date.  The place doesn't look like it does in the video.  It is not drastically different but there are differences.  Still I will include their website.

Wild West Saloon Brothel Review.

This brothel has changed names more times than Puff Daddy and Prince combined.  It still has the old website PussyCat Ranch and there is plenty of parking.  Centrally located in Winnamucca Nevada about 3 hours east of Reno on Interstate 80.  Once parked you want to go for the building on the left.  Lineups are required but if you insist on not having one they won't force you.  The problem with line ups is you are selecting someone solely on looks rather than personality.  Instead I sat down and a few of the ladies had a chat with me.  

For a building as small as this one they had quite a few ladies working.  The ones I spoke to were very flexible on the budgets.  They have a separate room for discussing pricing.  It is obvious that the room was bugged with a microphone.  There was also plenty of light to visually inspect the man for signs of STDs.  I welcomed the light and in my opinion the microphone was to ensure that after I paid up front I would be given the service I was promised.  There was also a kitchen in case you were hungry. 

Calico Club Brothel Review

The Calico Club is probably the smallest brothel in Nevada, it's prices are very reasonable for a Nevada Brothel.  Located in Battle Mountain Nevada on Interstate 80 pretty much halfway through the state.  The place operates in a refurbished house.  The back yard has been turned into a dirt lot for parking.  Sadly I can't really go into much detail here other than to answer some questions.  When I was there only one lady was working and we were not a match so I don't know what the rooms look like other than the bar.

Don't rely on their phone for directions use Google Maps  The person who answered the phone had no idea where the brothel was located.  Although normally I would assume money talks would take place in the bedroom, the lady had no problem talking money in the bar.  Still we were not a match so nothing happened.

Budgetwise I would recommend this place but due to a lack of options I don't know if I can endorse it.

Donna's Ranch Brothel Review

Donna's Ranch is one of two brothels right next to each other in Wells Nevada which is on Interstate 80 on the eastern side of Nevada.  It is an older building but at least the chairs were comfortable.  (Click here to read my review of Bella's which is next door)

If you arrive prior to 2pm you will be asked to pick a lady from a book.  I am not making this up.  I can understand it to a point, the ladies work well into the night and they are a smaller brothel so they don't have day and night shifts.  Still I am not picking a lady from a book.  So I sat and chatted with the bartender who was very friendly.  I was the only customer in there, and as soon as I sat down I was greeted and served.  I noticed a computer in the background and asked if it had internet.  I introduced myself and my YouTube channel so we began watching some of my best work as well as some videos from my friends.  Eventually two of the ladies came out and watched videos with us but surprisingly neither of them tried to take me back to her room.  All financial discussions must be made in the bedroom.

According to the bartender after 2pm the book is replaced with a mandatory lineup in which the girls are not allowed to speak or draw any attention to themselves.  A lineup is not my thing, I can't chose a lady, even a prostitute based on looks alone.  I have to talk to them and know we are a match.  Other than the bartender I didn't really get a chance to talk to anyone.  

Bella's Hacienda Ranch Brothel Review

Bellas's is one of two brothels in Well's Nevada which is on Interstate 80 and caters to a lot of truckers as the first town with a brothel on the Eastern side of the state.

Here is their website  When I went there I was informed that a lineup was required and that the ladies were not allowed to hang out in the bar area.  Well if I could not talk to the ladies I said I would leave and when I did a few of them ran out of the room and tried to beat me to the door.  On the hole these were some very attractive ladies.  I myself would have probably gone for the tall one if only I was allowed to talk to her.

I left and went next door to Donna's (click here to read my review)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sheri's Ranch Brothel Review

Sheri's Ranch is next door to the Chicken Ranch (click here to see my review)  Below is Air Force Amy giving a video tour of the house.  While she no longer works there, the tour is well done and very accurate.

Chicken Ranch Brothel Review

The Chicken Ranch is located in Pahrump Nevada an hour drive from Las Vegas. The road to Pahrump is full of hills and sharp turns to it can be difficult to maintain highway speeds. It sits next door to Sheri's Ranch (click here to read my review)  Below is 7 year old video that sadly is still fairly accurate of what the place looks like. I think the furniture needs and upgrade.

How to attract a white man (survey results)

There are countless blogs, articles, and YouTube videos on how to date black women.  This blog is an attempt to show the other side.  This is the result of two months of informal research of approximately 100 white men who were asked what black women can do to attract white guys.  There are several advantages to dating white guys.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

I am becoming Pro-Life again

Over the past several months I have been becoming more and more conservative in my views.  Of course I have never truly abandoned many of my conservative values, but over the years on YouTube I adopted many new points of view.  One of those views my my position on Abortion.