Saturday, August 30, 2014

There is such a thing as a Bad BJ

Ok so I met this girl she looked to be in her early thirties.  We hit it off and I offered to take her out to dinner.  She tells me that she already ate but wanted to go to my place.  Well there is a red flag, I never met a lady who turned down a free dinner.  If nothing else just get desert right?

Due to my job, I travel some.  So for the past few weeks I have been at this hotel.  So we go inside and in the elevator to my room.  I light a scented candle.  At first I thought we were just going to sit and cuddle but thankfully I always carry condoms.  I take them everywhere.  You never know when luck will strike and I don't raw dog.  I don't want to be a guest on Maury taking a DNA test.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Question to the Adult Industry?

New hold on adult film shoots after another performer tests positive for HIV today.

In 2012 LA enacted Measure B which would require condoms to be used on film shoots.  Then this year the California house passed AB1576 which would require condoms statewide.  From what I understand of the law condoms would be required on all anal and vaginal penetration scenes.  Blowjobs and the facial money shot would still be permitted.   Although there is some disagreement on that, see the middle of THIS article that states that eyewear and gloves will be required.  I've read the bill so can you, and it says nothing of eyewear or goggles.

Now here is some key facts