Friday, November 25, 2011

I thought this is funny

For the past few weeks channels have been popping up every day and they upload a few of my videos. When this happens the videos come to me. Normally I don't have a problem when someone re-uploads my videos but I do prefer if the don't. Taking clips of course is 100% fair use but I am referring to re-uploading entire videos of mine. Usually when someone re-uploads my video I leave it alone but when they put malware in the video description I take action. Every day for the past few weeks I have had to do this. In addition to my videos they upload videos belonging to others. So I take the time to contact the other people and usually in a few hours the channel is shut down.

However I thought this video was funny because this time they decided to re-upload my video about DMCA abuse. I think it was funny filing a DMCA take down on a video about someone abusing the DMCA form.

Here is the video stolen from me

And of course here is the original

For those interested is the channel however I don't know how long that channel will last as every video is pirated and has malware in the video descriptions.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Did I Do That?

Well it was a day like any other day for me. Except I went out and voted, that is something I don't do every day. In fact this time voting took some effort as I was recovering from an illness when I had to walk about 2 miles each way to go vote.

Still as I wait to venture forth into Truck Driving next month I spend most of my time on this computer. Either I am answering questions in the Help Forum, or I respond to messages and comments on youtube. I have just been granted Top Contributor Status in two Google Help Forums now. Yay me. There is no pay but it is nice to be recognized for my contributions to the community.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

YouTube needs to take away the option to disable flagging

Now for those who do not know what this is, back in 2009 YouTube created what is known as the Shows category.

The videos uploaded to this section had a unique opportunity. Their flag button was disabled. For the most part this was available to network studios that wanted to upload their television shows and movies to YouTube. These studios have long since realized that they can not stop piracy so they signed a contract with YouTube to post the videos and earn revenue. People got to watch videos on youtube and the networks made money.