Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A new direction for balloon art

Hello there, welcome to my first ever blog posting on the website Blogger.

I have been inspired by a new friend on YouTube by the name of Brusspup. I would like to thank LaciGreen for sending him my way he is a delight to talk to. He has found a success on YouTube by uploading short videos of just pure awesome.

I have decided to try his approach and mix it in with a little MysteryGuitarMan as well. Upload something short and awesome and then follow it up with plugging my YouTube channel. Therefore I would like to present the first video in this new style

For those who enjoy my longer videos and my videos where I have long discussions, I want to assure you that I will continue doing them as I do enjoy making them. However if I am going to prosper in doing YouTube for a living, then I do need to work harder to build and maintain an audience.

I am not changing, I am not jumping the shark. Rather I look at this as simply adding a new element to my content. The Grimlock balloon cost about $15 or $20 dollars to make. Therefore I calculate that if this thing gets 10,000 views in two weeks then it will have paid for itself. Thus I can afford to do more.

All I need right now is your encouragement and your help in spreading the videos on different blogs, and twitter.

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