Saturday, June 25, 2011

I call shenanigans

Note the above video has been removed for TOS so here is a copy

Ok, let me make this perfectly clear. If someone has hacked into his account, what you are doing is wrong and you should give it back. That is not the right way to shut him down. If his videos violate the Terms of Service or Community Guidelines then that is what the flag button is for.

Now let's do some brief history here. TheRealNickBravo announced that he was going to start flagging all of my videos. The video is no longer on his channel but my friend iShatOnU has a copy.

So the question I posed to my audience was this, should I report him. After all, this is the same person who has accused me of pedophilia, rape, assault, being wanted in the state of Texas, lying about my liver for sympathy, ect. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions about me, and this is just the internet. However, it is utterly foolish to announce you are going to flag down someone's videos and then act surprised when people start to flag you instead.

However, the latest video from his channel claims to have hacked him. Sorry but I call bullwinkle on that. This is not the behavior of someone who hacks into an account. If the intention was to get him off youtube, then all the person would have to do is upload some porn and get him flagged and terminated. Or at least deleting the old videos. The fact that the videos still exist leads me to believe this is another cry for sympathy.

Lets review, he posted a video claiming to live in a brand new house, a house that has a iron fence behind it as well as a clear view of the mountains. Later he claims to be hanging out by the pool, no mountains in view and no iron fence. Instead we have a concrete fence.

All of his videos have been filmed outdoors and he is on foot, with exception to one that was filmed from a bus.

This leads credibility to my theory that his van was either impounded or broken down.

If his dream is to become an actor, why is he not spending his time going on auditions. Trying to get fame via YouTube is not a realistic goal. Even becoming a Partner has it's limits. As YouTube pays anywhere from $0.50 to $1.00 per every thousand views it takes a miracle to get a video with any kind of decent traffic. Most of my money comes from 10 old videos that still get a lot of traffic.

Sorry Nick, but you have a proven track record of deceit. I don't believe this for a second. Note, because I mostly interact via my YouTube channel, if you wish to discuss this blog please do so via PM here