Friday, May 11, 2012

AsheIsTheRaven doesn't want me talking to people he doesn't like

11 days ago a user known as AsheIsTheRaven began following me on twitter and has been hounding me ever since. Here is the screen shot of his following me date.

He began following me after I uploaded a video of a peaceful skype conversation with Brett Keane, a person who previously had claimed he was doing everything he could to get me kicked off of YouTube and have my AdSense disabled. Here is where I see a sense of Hypocrisy on AsheIsTheRaven's part. One simple glance at his channel, and you will see that he has no problem posting videos about Brett Keane. However his grief is that I had a peaceful skype conversation.

Now in case you are claiming that this was in the past and that AsheIsTheRaven is no longer posting videos about Brett Keane, then why was this video posted 38 minutes ago

Furthermore when you search the words Brett Keane on his channel, 7 videos pop up. Some of these may be due to having Brett Keane in the tags though but it is clear that AsheIsTheRaven has no problem discussing Brett Keane.

So why is AsheIsTheRaven, now known as FatalError404TV promoting Brett Keane and giving him recognition. Why is it that FatalError404TV can make about Brett Keane but I can not have a skype conversation. Furthermore, where was FatalError404TV last month when I was making several videos towards Brett Keane asking him questions. Why did he only get upset when I had a civil discussion with Brett Keane that he all of a sudden go on a tizzyfit.

I later had a discussion with him on BlogTV about this and sadly he was not able to make a valid point other than claim that it was NOT about the skype conversation but yet he was not able to explain why he only got upset when the skype conversation was posted.

Then out of the blue AsheIsTheRaven started tweeting at me again and I eventually logged on to skype attempting to figure out what I had done this time to upset him. Here is our exchange

[11:18:18 PM] Happy Cabbie: I am online if you want to call me
[11:21:04 PM] AsheIsTheRaven: I do not want totalk anymore. Not to you especially. There is no point. You and brett seem to be getting on just dandy, I nearly lost my kid becasue of those two, had you left it alone and IGNORED HIM, a lotof this might hve been avided, inseatd you validated him now leave me alone. Rith is pissed for the right reason, napalm, everyone else. No more games cabbie, real people here, real fucking people and you just cared about bad videos about you. good bye

Where here is my question to you then AsheIsTheRaven, where where you when Brett Keane was threatening my AdSense. Where where you when Brett Keane was threatening to try and flag me down. I will tell you where you were, nowhere. Why should you be. The issue was between Brett Keane and myself and did not concern you. I am not subscribed to you or Brett Keane so obviously I would not be aware of anything going on between you. Brett Keane should not have tried to take your children away from you, I agree, however I don't know the facts on that case. Obviously I wouldn't get involved.

Now when Brett Keane did accuse someone else of child abuse see the blog post here I did know the facts and I called him out on it. As far as me ignoring him I have done nothing more than you or anyone else had been doing at that time. Brett Keane was NOT being ignored as you previously claim on twitter. If you don't believe me all you have to do is ask Napalm and he will tell you that he was making videos almost every day about Brett right up until he closed his channel. Furthermore you posted a video 38 minutes ago.

So if you want to have a peaceful discussion I am more than welcome to speak to you but your childish and selfish behavior is that of a 10 year old who just can't get his way. Rather than conduct yourself as an adult you seem to be content to shout and throw tantrums like a child.