Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The day I uploaded naughty videos to YouTube

So last week I was clearing files out of my hard drive and moving those that I wanted to save to my external hard drive. I came across a video in a Mpeg format titled 171813. Now my computer is not capable of playing Mpegs so the only way to find out what this video is was for me to upload it somewhere.

Like an idiot I uploaded the video to YouTube never expecting it to be adult content. I have DVDs that I have purchased and of course some sites bookmarked. For my favorite content I have a folder in my external hard drive.

Irregardless I uploaded the video to private and sat and did other things while the video was loading. When I went back to check the status I discovered that not only was the video finished but it also was published LIVE to my subscribers!!!!

I could tell right by the thumbnail that it was adult content I quickly went to my video manager and hit the delete button. The video had only 4 views and only one comment on it. Thankfully it was uploaded in the middle of the night and the majority of my viewers reside in the continental US.

The next few days I sat by may computer and waited. Hoping that nobody hit that flag button. Well a week has gone by and it looks like I dodged that bullet. Boy was I stupid. Had I been flagged I would have lost my account for sure. YouTube doesn't play around when it comes to adult videos.

I just thought I would share this silly moment of my life with you guys. Thanks for reading.