Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Correcting the misinformation from Shredder

Apparently Shredder made a blog post back in August and I missed it. Most likely it is because I blocked him a last summer along with a few others of the anit-brett brigade who became enraged when I dared have a civil discussion with Brett Keane.

Anyway here is the link to his blog.


As of today, that is the only blog he has posted. Of course he still has YouTube, twitter, facebook, blogtv, ect but decided to post a blog for me and then abandon the blog, never to return. As for me, I love blogging. It allows me to go into depth far deeper than I could do in a video. As a goal I try to keep my videos under 5 minutes but there have been times when I go over that. With blogging you can go as long as you want, provided you keep the reader interested.

So let's go through this point by point. First Shredder plays the world's slowest violin because I blogged about a bad day I had. That is fine. If I put something online, then I should be able to withstand the heat. I think Shredder missed the point of the blog. The blog served two purposes. One I am aware that many people have a negative view of my friend Brett Keane because of the years of hounding from the anti-brett brigade. So this was to remind my viewers that Brett does have a good side. Secondly, it was a notice to my audience that I needed some me time. I don't block people for simply asking help, Shredder. You are a selfish person for suggesting that I do that. I only block people who do nothing but harass either me or my friends.

Shredder then jumps to conclusions when he says this:

Most people tend to avoid talking to you unless absolutely necessary these days Cabbie. Have you ever asked yourself 'why'?

[citation needed]

His suggestion is without merit but no most people do not avoid talking to me. I have about 15 people on my main skype account. That is why very few people talk to me on skype is because I prefer they do it via YouTube's messaging system. Back when I was logging in every day my inbox was full of new messages. Today oh boy, I got pages and pages. Sorry to say this, but I think I have more than I can answer.

I set myself up as a resource for help and advice because that was my responsibility as a YouTube Partner. It was my duty to assist other users with problems. Now those duties are being assumed by other people. I can go on about my life.

Shredder let me make these two points perfectly clear. One there is no such thing as False Flagging. You already know how YouTube reviews flagged videos because you have been shown. In case you forgotten here it is again.

Furthermore I have been to YouTube's home office twice. I have met with the people in charge of training for video flag reviews. I know the process, you deny the facts. Simple as that. Now yes, each of us can point to a video that we believe did not deserve to be flagged, likewise we can each point to a video that we believe should have been flagged. However, in each case the video is reviewed and a decision is made by a human. With humans come human judgement.

The second thing I want to make clear to you is, as of April 12, 2012 YouTube granted partnerships to everyone. The only condition is that you monetize at least one video. The old account monetization program was rolled into the Partner Program. This includes people like Brett Keane.

Now as far as Brett Keane goes, we are friends get over it. Your claim that he is a "wife beating, rape-shaming, DMCA abusing, cyber-stalking, doc-dropping fraud and shiftless welfare cheat" is just a list of personal attacks. Have you actually spent time talking to his wife? I have. What do you know about his kids? I have spoken to them. His wife is not in physical danger. DMCA abuse, yep guilty as charged as is the doc-dropping. There is no excuse for it, but I firmly believe I have shown him the error of his ways.

Now as far as you linking to a video by Bismarket1 of a skype conversation between Brett and Jdubs let me clear something up for you. Bismarket1 is being less than honest in thinking that it was Brett Keane and myself flagged him down. Now Brett did file a dmca on a re-uploaded video with altered music that showed his children. Brett regrets ever putting his kids on camera because of people like Bismarket. However Brett is not responsible for taking down his channel. If you don't believe me ask Bismarket1 yourself and he will set you straight. The Bismarket channel was taken down for repeated violations of copyright in accordance to the safe harbor clause of the DMCA. Parties responsible for the loss of his account include Post Newsweek Stations of Florida, the British Sky Broadcasting Network, and Fox Broadcasting. A simple google search will tell you this.

Shredder went on to say this:
It definitely couldn't have a damn thing to do with your capitalising on the death of a respected user on YouTube to garner sympathy. A man that you treated like he was something you would scrape off the bottom of your shoe in life, yet pretended was one of your closest friends after he died for the sake of traffic towards your channel. A man who's passing caused great heartache and emotional pain to many people from all sorts of "communities" on YouTube, but to you was a way to increase ad-revenue. It couldn't possbily be that could it?

The only person who I could think of that Shredder could be talking about is Rhysz. Out of the hundreds of people I frequently interacted with on YouTube, Rhysz was one of the few who had my main skype account. At my request he also mirrored a video critical of me that was taken down when the channel was terminated for doc dropping. (SpikeBravo) Rhysz and I were friends and like many I heard about his death via twitter. I was then asked to take the video down by his loved ones and I did. There was a blogtv event later in his honor. For some reason I was not invited but I did promote it as best I could. The video was never monetized and what is worse is that Shredder knows all this. He apparently is hoping that his readers will gloss over the details. Thankfully my readers demand proof and evidence for not only my claims but for everyone else.

To finalize Shredder, I am not posting videos anymore because I want sympathy. I am not posting videos because I wanted to walk away from the internet. My life is happier now, I am back on track for losing weight and I am doing good. In January I made it a goal to phase out my income from YouTube and in the summer I made the switch and never looked back. I will leave my videos up as an archive because I am proud of my work and my accomplishments on the site. However I don't log in to check messages or my subscriptions and watch people live their life. I am now living mine.