Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gorilla199 wants my help

So the person who runs the website and accuses Coughlan and others of anything his imagination can think of wants my opinion of some law in the UK.  He says that there are slanderous videos out there calling him mentally ill.  Just so we are clear the BBC published the same thing, do you intend to sue the BBC?  For those not familiar with the story essentially Gorilla199 got busted for piracy and he used the mental illness as a defense to get out of doing jail time.  Instead he got a suspended sentence and community service.

Gorilla199 let me make something clear.  I find your website detestable.  Your obsession with Coughlan in my opinion is evidence of your mental illness.  While Coughlan has made it clear his contempt for me, I still hold him in high regard.  The same law you think you can use against your trolls is the same law that Coughlan and others can use against you.

Finally, I think you need to heed the warning of Megatron