Sunday, May 26, 2013

My confession, Brett Keane Extortion

I must confess a dark secret. It has recently come to light that YouTube staff regularly has skype calls with Brett Keane as they have no choice but to comply with his demands. I don't know how Brett Keane managed to get this dirt he has on me and those in the YouTube home office but for the past year Brett Keane has been extorting us all. If we fail to comply with his demands to remove content per his requests he will post the dirt to his website of over 1,000 members.

I guess the person I should thank for liberating me from the evil clutches of Brett Keane is Stigmadeign. He is the one who came out with the hard evidence proof that Brett is in contact with YouTube staff. I tried to lie and cover up this truth the best I can by trying to discredit him as a reliable source.

From the Comment Section of AgentofDoubt's video

I sought to discredit Stig here in the Comment Section of DisposableGorilla's video

I did not expect Stig to be able to come out with proof of this claim. To my surprise and horror he did.

DisposableGorilla You Think I'm Lying About HappyCabbie And Brett Keane?

This is the video he linked to, it is an excerpt from a recorded skype call I did with Brett Keane that he posted to his channel.

Who HC talks to

The audio is a tad bit hard to hear but in that call you can hear us discuss a point that AgentofDoubt made. He posed a question in his video response to me that perhaps my videos of me in my underwear might violate the Terms of Service. I pointed out that not only have several staff seen my videos, but that I even sent one to them. Below is the video.

Big is Beautiful - Man Boobs

It was a funny response to something Victoria Grand of YouTube said here in this article.

Another funny thing about this "proof" that they have put forward is that this video was posted in October of 2011. Six months before Brett Keane and I started talking on skype.

Now imagine the accusation they are wanting you to swallow. That Stig actually sat in a call with Brett and I as we talked to YouTube staff and had them take down videos that Brett hates. If this were true, people like Coughlan, Straightd0pe, Shredder, ect would not have a channel. Brett and I didn't start talking on Skype until April 30th of 2012. Now yes people like Coughlan, Straightd0pe, Shredder ect have gotten strikes on their account this all predates me talking to Brett on Skype. If Brett Keane truly had access to YouTube staff, and that they did his bidding, do you think any of Brett's haters would still have a channel.

Another crazy thing is do you honestly believe that Stig would sit there quietly and not have videos made against him taken down? Now I can tell you this. Back when Stig was friends with Brett he did have a few skype calls with me. The discussion of flagging did come up. We discussed things like how to avoid being flagged and why some hateful videos made about them did not cross the TOS line. We also discussed things like the Streisand Effect that pretty much makes trying to flag down a hater counterproductive.

Now I do have very limited interaction with YouTube staff. I certainly don't have them on any kind of Batphone. In 2011 they flew me out for a summit along with some others. You can read about it HERE or you can watch this video.

Google Global TC Summit 2011

I met lots of people who subscribed to my YouTube channel and we also exchanged twitter handles. The good news is I will be going back this year in September. However, I don't have any special pull with staff. I can't get anyone's account terminated just because I don't like them. I have on rare occasion been able to help get stuff restored but only a few times. Undertakerfreak is one example, I also helped C0nc0rdance get one of his videos unflagged. However, if I really had the power that Stig is wanting you to believe that I do, how come Brett's original channel is not restored? I don't have a batphone and YouTube staff doesn't even skype with me, let alone Brett and Stig.

I am sure your curious though, what dirt does Brett Keane have on me? He has video footage of me making sweet love to a My Little Pony plushie. If that were not embarassing enough, the video is of me catching and not pitching. Although Blogger TOS prevents me from showing the video here, it is available on Clips4Sale. I am handcuffed to a bed with my teeth wrapped around a towel. A large Pinkie Pie plushie with a CaramelCob is duct taped to it's underside. A person off camera strapped the PinkiePie to a machine and it pleasured me 6 ways till Sunday and I was begging for more.

A little known secret I later used that same CaramelCob for this video

HappyCabbie CaramelCob

It is well known that several of the YouTube staff are furies and this video on the Clips4Sale sight was an instant success. Brett Keane somehow found out who bought the video and quickly found out who worked for YouTube and began extorting them as well as me.

While I can't embed the video here, I will at last reveal the dark secret that has been haunting me for the past year. If you wish to see what Brett has over me HERE IT IS.

At long last I am free from the evil clutches of Brett Keane.