Sunday, September 6, 2015

Shaming: It can be a good thing.

Ever look at those PSAs on TV or on the radio about texting while driving, what about all the messages we see about drunk driving, or doing drugs.  Why are those things not called out for what they clearly are? Those messages are shaming.  I was driving down the road and I saw a sign saying how many deaths there was on the highway, followed by a warning against driving drunk.  That is drunk shaming.

Most people in my family were drunks.  They had to endure the scorn of society as laws were passed outlawing their lifestyle.  Their ability to travel was hindered as the law said they must be sober, for some on my family this kept them homebound.  They had trouble finding work as they faced discrimination as drunks were considered to unreliable to employ.  They couldn't even walk down the street as this was considered public intoxication.  Why don't we call this drunk shaming?  Because to do so would be stupid.  The same should be equally true of fat shaming.

In all but the most rare of circumstances being fat is a intentional lifestyle choice.  Not that people chose to be fat but rather they chose to eat too much unhealthy food and chose not to exercise.  To call these people disabled or worthy of protection from shaming is and should be an insult to disabled people everywhere.

I once had a blind neighbor who went for a walk everyday.  Eventually we became workout partners until he got married and moved away.  The fact that I quit exercising is nobody's fault but my own.  Long time readers of my blog and viewers of my videos will recall my weight has gone up and down many times.  The problem is always the same, binge eating of sweets.

Ever since I was a child I was taught to bury my feelings with food, my mother is mostly to blame for this habit but I am to blame for not stopping it.  It is nobody's fault but my own that I am fat.  Many of my health problems can be traced back to my size.

You can not imagine my joy when I discovered I can do normal person things again such as using the normal stalls at the public bathrooms or going to a regular store to buy clothes.  I still have a long way to go, but I am on the right track again, yay me.

Fat activists are anything but active, they sit around and the moment someone says a fat joke or makes any suggestion they alter their unhealthy lifestyle they cry foul.  News flash to my fellow fatties, you smell.  You smell because you sweat more, your sweat stinks because of your diet, because you are fat you can't wash yourself like a normal person.

Fat people are unpleasant to be around, they can't carpool without cramping everyone else around them, and if you give them enough time they will break furniture.  No the furniture is not cheap, you are just to fat and the sofa can't take the strain of your excess weight.

It is not mean to tell a fat joke, jokes are just jokes and you need a sense of humor, not a trigger warning. Morbidly obese people are the only fools on earth who willingly chose to live disabled, it is not a secret about what you have to do, go for a walk and eat a salad.  Just do those two things and the weight will come off, it is that easy.

Quit being a fat activist who complains about being fat shamed, we shame fat people for the same reason we shame drunks and drug addicts and people who cut themselves.  Sometimes shaming is the only way to get through to you.  You can cite all the studies you can find on Google about how shaming doesn't work, how about you Google some healthy diet tips instead, it might just save your life.

And to myself, because I do enjoy reading my older blogs, don't fall off the wagon again.  Stay the course this time and let's get this weight off for good.