Saturday, November 13, 2010

Final Thoughts on NephlilimFree

As of today I intend to be finished with NephilimFree. In 3 hours his BlogTalkRadio program will air and there will be plenty of people ready and willing to debate him. He will not be able to claim he was unprepared as he has left comments on my video announcing that we will be there. Quite the opposite, I expect we will be kicked out or ignored. During this time NephilimFree will go on and on about how nobody has the courage to debate him on BlogTalkRadio.

Here is the truth. For three years NephilimFree has been playing this game. Each time someone comes close to debating him, he sees to it that it never happens. This is so he can claim that he is undefeated. Just like his buddy ShockofGod can claim that no atheist has ever been able to answer "The Question." ShockofGod just blocks anybody who ever tries.

Shortly after I announced that we were coming to his BlogTalkRadio show to bring ownership to the internets, NephilimFree posted this video.

The timing of this post is highly dubious. NephilimFree is well known for his terms of debating someone. They must have as many subscribers as he has. This of course has changed from his past requirement, that the opponent must have over 1000 subs. As in the past NephilimFree has moved the goal posts again. Now the opponent must have 10,000 subscribers. See in NephilimFree's world subscriber count equals competence. Thus NephilimFree surely would hold someone like FRED in high regard

So why the change in heart? Why would NephilimFree drop all his standards and show a sudden willingness to debate Buruc who at the time of this post only has 269 subscribers. Something that you can change by the way by clicking here

For those who did not know, NephilimFree accepted this debate challenge 6 weeks after it was made. Six weeks. No joke. Upload date was on October 6th, and at that time as stated in the video Buruc was on NephilimFree's blocked list.

Notice he challenges NephilimFree to a video debate. NephilimFree in accepting this debate changed the forum without Buruc's consent. It was only when Buruc stuck to his guns that NephilimFree is now trying to label him as a coward. Shameful.

So the only conclusion is that NephilimFree is just not capable of defending his positions in an open forum. The only place he is willing to do so is on his BlogTalkRadio program where he has the sole ability to determine who talks and who doesn't. A place where all detractors can be kicked without warning. In 3 years that he has been on YouTube he has not been able to debate anyone. In 3 years he has not proven capable of having a debate.

The next person he challenges should remind him of this day. The day when the internet came to him, on his terms, and he still was not able to debate.

I leave you now with one final thought

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