Monday, November 29, 2010

My Advice to SpikeBravo

I uploaded my video helping you out at the request of one of your subscribers. I will do what I can but convincing people to give you money is going to be a hard sell.

The reason is because you have frequently spoken out against your dislike of employment

Forward to 2:40 of that video
Other videos you have produced on your former accounts, "I hate work" and the video on my channel, "He Just Doesn't Get it" (which of course is still private), you have repeatedly stated your dislike of work.

So recently you were able to get an apartment again after once again qualifying for Social Security. However by your own admission you chose to stop collecting cans. Never expecting that your Social Security would run out again? Well it has. I hope people give you some help but only for the short term. I have had to ebeg myself back in 2008 when I lost everything but the clothes on my back. However the difference is I quickly laid out a plan on how to get back on my feet.

When I got sick in 2009 I quickly put together a plan to never be in that position again by enrolling in community college. I will be going back for more classes in January.

You need to form a game plan. You can not depend on Social Security. You hopefully should know that now. You need to lay out some goals and work towards those goals to achieve being self sufficient.

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  1. [/sarcasm]
    Pshhh, you can't expect people to be self sufficient, how dare you!