Thursday, July 28, 2011

Google Exposed Video Description

First I would like to invite YouTube and Google Staff Members who feel that this video is targeting them individually to read my personal letter to them HERE

For those who missed it, here is the first video I did on the subject of Google Plus

I would like to thank the following 3 YouTuber's for their help in making this video.

BIONICDANCE for her help in doing the lettering for the Thumbnail of the video and Title.

GRAPPLINGIGNORANCE for writing the script for "The Value of Pseudonymity"

PROPORTIONALRESPONSE for performing "The Value of Pseudonymity"

The first thing I mention in the video is THIS POST by Bradley Horowitz. I take three issues with him here. He fails to mention what steps are being taken to restore the many accounts that are being closed. Secondly, he fails to explain why Google is closing accounts for no other reason than the fact that these profiles wish to remain private (as stated in this STATEMENT from Google.) Finally, he claims that people are not being locked out of their Google accounts when their Google Plus profiles are shut down. A simple Google search can show you the difference.

For example
THIS issue is now resolved but he got locked out of his Google account and caused his YouTube channel to be suspended. This was over an error he made in entering in his birthday

THIS is a famous post that has been going around regarding Tom Monopoly. According to his TWITTER the issue has now been resolved as well but there are still others who are having this problem.

THIS is a third example I found

Doing a simple Google search for GOOGLE PLUS LOCKED OUT can yield even more search results if you so desire.

People such as myself have been trying to convince Google to allow the use of Pseudonyms so we can keep our online life separate from our real life. Many of us have jobs that we can lose if our online interactions is discovered, even more so if you are a whistle blower. Others, live in communities where their views are in the minority, or they live under a totalitarian government where their lives can be put in danger for speaking out.

Google itself states in it's YOUTUBE SAFETY CENTER that the first rule of staying safe online is to never reveal your real name.

Google in it's FAMILY SAFETY CENTER links THIS ARTICLE under their section Stopping them sharing too much personal information where the first thing it tells them is to be anonymous as possible.

In fact as recently as February, Alma Whitten, Director of Privacy, Product and Engineering of Google had this to say about the right to have pseudonyms and anonymity in this OFFICIAL GOOGLE BLOG POST

There is a reason for this, we don't want Internet trolls harassing us in real life, and we don't always want our families, co-workers, abusive ex, and our governments from knowing about our online postings.

So I figured the only way to demonstrate this is to use Google Plus the way Google has designed it. I will now detail as many YouTube channels as I can of Google and YouTube staff. One thing they don't want is for their personal youtube channels to become flooded with messages, they want us to use the help center. I say, let's use Google Plus the way they designed it.

Bradley Horowitz's YouTube channel is right HERE

Also Bradley Horowitz's Google Plus account is HERE

Now what I would like to know is why TALIN - gets to keep his google profile despite his real name being listed HERE

Brian Glick the person who brought us YouTube channels 2.0 as stated in the YOUTUBE BLOG has a GOOGLE PLUS ACCOUNT and he linked his YOUTUBE CHANNEL

It is unclear what Brian's role is, if any, in the New Cosmic Panda Layout

However according to THIS YOUTUBE BLOG POST the two people responsible are Noam Lovinsky and Alex Nicksay. Thanks to Google Plus, I was able to find NOAM LOVINSKY'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL so you can send your Cosmic Panda feeback to him.

Shenaz Zack works for YouTube HERE is her Google plus profile and this is here YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Olivia Ma's GOOGLE PLUS PAGE lists her as being the news manager. This is her YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Margaret Healy works in Partner Support and this is her GOOGLE PLUS PAGE

Now of course she is smarter than the others and does not link her youtube channel, however she has added some suspicious looking Google Profiles that in my opinion may be violating the Real Name policy that Google Plus has. Because many of the odd names link back to the YouTube community I will not be listing them here, as I do not want them to get their accounts suspended.

Ben Bayer is the next person I found and here is HIS GOOGLE PLUS and because of him I was able to discover Google employee ALICE C'S PROFILE who is an Engineering Recruiter for Google. May I ask why Alice C can keep her alias on Google Plus but others can not?

May I ask why so many Google and YouTube employees have added SARA MC to their circle. Even YouTube founders Chad and Steve have added this lady. Now of course I can not prove that this is indeed a YouTube or Google employee, I just find it odd that so many YouTube and Google employees know who this woman is, and she is allowed to keep her pseudonym while others have lost their accounts for doing the same thing.

The next name I discovered is THUNDER PARLEY and according to the LA TIMES that is now his legal name. When I first discovered his profile he embedded this video on his Google Plus

It does appear that he has since removed the post, thankfully I was able to spot it before he did and thus I was able to determine his YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Now I do have one question to Thunder, why is it that one of your videos looks very similar to a video by ESPN Sportscenter?

I wonder if Thunder has ever seen Youtube's Copyright school

DEEP NISHAR'S GOOGLE PLUS looks very suspicious. One, just like Sara MC, there is no indication that Deep works for Google but he does have several Google employees who have added him to their circle. In other words many Google Employees such as Eric Lange, and Bradley Horowitz have added him and know who he is.

FYI according to THIS ARTICLE His real name is Dipchand Nishar

The next person I found is Christian Oestlien where he talks about inviting businesses to apply for a pilot program for Google Plus as seen in THIS POST

This of course is his YOUTUBE CHANNEL

THE FORD MOTOR COMPANY was one of the few companies hand chosen by Google to have a Google Plus account. Companies were invited to submit their application HERE however, as of now that link no longer goes anywhere. Many companies are having their profiles suspended, while others such as Mashable were allowed to transition theirs into a personal account. More on that in a bit.

Skud is a former Google employee who lost her Google Plus Profile. If anyone should be able to get an account restored with a simple phone call it no doubt would be a former employee who most likely still has friends working on the inside. You can read about Skud's situation in her blog post HERE

I would also like to point out that Skud has opened up GOOGLE SPREADSHEET where she is asking people to fill out a survey if you have had your Google Plus accounts suspended. So far over 100 people have filled out the survey an you can find the preliminary results HERE

Now according to the TERMS OF SERVICE for Google Plus particularly section 13 we are allowed to use the name our family, friends and work associates know us by. However, Google has recently been demanding Photo ID to reinstate Google Plus accounts. This is of no use to those of us who use a nom de plume, a stage name, or online pseudonymn that we use for every other website that we are on. An online pseudonym is not anonamous. We have spent years buidling this online identity, it is how the online world knows us by.

In this GOOGLE BLOG we read about Eric Lange and Google Check out, if you ever had a problem with Google Checkout, you might try contacting him HERE

On a side note, it was very hard to find anyone who worked with Adsense, I do know that click bombing has been an issue. The only person I have found is SUSAN WOJCICKI but her profile lists her as working in Advertising. However, according to USA TODAY she does work with the Adsense. Perhaps frequenting her Google Profile from time to time to see who she ads to her circle might lead you to finding more people in Adsense.

Google posted this video on their YouTube channel

This is Matt Cutts and thanks to his GOOGLE PLUS we now know what his YOUTUBE CHANNEL is

This is VICTORIA GRAND'S Google Plus account

She is most famous for her lecture on how YouTube reviews flagged videos. She is smarter than to link her stuff on her Google Plus account but if you add her you might be able to talk to her if you have any questions and concerns about flagging.

Another question I want to ask is why are so many businesses having their accounts suspended, yet Pete Cashmore of Mashable claims he was contacted by Google and asked to transition his MASHABLE GOOGLE PLUS account into a personal one, you can see him claim this on his personal google plus profile HERE

It does seem like some businesses are getting treated better than others, all we are asking for is the rules to be applied fairly to everyone.

GARY ILLES Google Plus Profile has since changed during the time I was making my video. His profile name used to be ጋርይ ኢንተርኔትዝ and he is from Switzerland. My research indicates that Switzerland uses a Roman Alphabet, so if anyone knows what these characters are let me know.

FYI this is what his profile looked like before, and it still show up in the google cache as of now. Try it yourself


THE BEST FAKE PROFILES ON GOOGLE PLUS was published on the Huffington Post on July 13th (Arianna Huffinton briefly had her GOOGLE PLUS account suspended) Two weeks later some of these fake accounts are still up. They include



and DARTH VADER (Although not the same one linked in the article)

This Darth Vader has been posting porn on his Google Plus since July 21st and has a TWITTER and a FACEBOOK

Now let's get back to showing favoritism. Why is it that LADY GAGA can have a Google plus account using her stage name, but LADY ADA cannot? (Update she has since had her account restored but is now forced to list her real name as seen HERE Why is it that Charlie Sheen can have his stage name instead of Estivez but I can't. Please explain the rules and show that they are equally enforced for everyone.

FYI there are many accounts on Google Plus claiming to be Lady Gaga, I am citing GAWKER as my source to confirm the validity of the one I previously cited


  1. This is a great article, you did a fantastic job. You raise a lot of good questions. There are a lot of "could be" and "maybe" answers that would make me laugh. But all I can say is hmmmmmm hahahaha.


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