Monday, July 4, 2011

PeaceInChristAlone Can't be Serious!!

Update: He has since retracted the above statement.

Ok so lets get some background on this. This was for a colab that Fruitikay was putting together but it never happened. In it PeaceInChristAlone says some pretty disturbing things. First at 1:40 he lumps all Catholic Priests together as pedophiles. While there has been a lot of sex abuse in the Catholic Church, not all priests are pedophiles. Most are good decent people and have no problem living a life of celibacy.

Furthermore in the video description he says this: "Kill all pedophiles and protect the kids." He then lists three Bible verses to back up that statement. Mathew 18:6 Mark 9:42 and Luke 17:1-3. Now the problem is this, none of these three verses deal with pedophilia or the sexual abuse of children.

For those unfamiliar with the Bible here is a condensed lesson. Mathew Mark and Luke are known as the Synoptic Gospels because they basically tell the same events but from different perspectives and different details. The passage in question is regarding faith and sin. In Mathew the disciples of Jesus asked Him who would be the greatest in Heaven and Jesus brought forth a child and told his disciples that they must have the faith of a child in order to enter into Heaven. In Mark it just talks about sin, and in Luke it talks about sin, then followed up with a lesson on faith. You can look up the passages yourself and read them in context at

So the question remains, why would PeaceinChristAlone, a person who knows this stuff, misquote the Bible? I don't know but lets go on.

At 2:20 into his video he says that teens should not have sex but instead get married and have sex within marriage. I am sorry but that is just foolish. Teens should not be having sex as they are usually not emotionally mature enough to handle long term relationships. Furthermore, in no way should any teen ever get married. They have no education, no means of supporting themselves yet. Get a job, get some benefits and show some stability in your life and then take on a lifelong commitment.

At 2:30 seconds into the video I am convinced he is trolling us now. Capital punishment for adultery and divorce. I am sorry but I refuse to believe he actually thinks we should kill people for having sex outside of marriage. I met the guy, I like the guy, but I have been on YouTube long enough to spot someone when they are trolling. GodsGunsGutsGlory is serious when he talks like this, PeaceInChristAlone is just poking us for the lulz.

Now lets move on to his other video

Ok first of all Tom Leykis is not a militant atheist. Tom Leykis is a shock jock on the radio. He has been on the air for a very long time and was at one time nationally syndicated. Currently he does podcasts. I used to listen to him when I was a truck driver. When I drove trucks I mostly listened to talk radio. Hey, don't judge me, I also listened to Dr. Laura and even Art Bell back in those days.

Tom Leykis is an atheist but that is not the main focus of his radio broadcasts. His main focus was what he called Leykis 101 which was to teach men how to get laid for less money. He gave out advice such as never spend more than $40 on a date, and if you didn't get laid by the 3rd date to dump her. He also taught that men should never get married and he frequently admitted that he himself was married and divorced 4 times.

Other radio personalities such as Phil Hendrie used to poke fun at him and would refer to him as Combover Boy

Religion, although occasionally addressed when a caller would bring it up, was never a focus of his show. Had PeaceInChristAlone NOT referred to Leykis as a "militant atheist", I would look over this as simple ignorance of the content of the Tom Leykis Show. He could have simply pointed to a video he found on the internet commented that Leykis was an atheist and no harm no foul. However, upon first coming across Tom Leykis the first thought in your head is NOT militant atheist. Rather your first impression of him is something like a male pig who hates women. He is one of those radio personalities that you love to hate, and it did make the long hours of driving a truck go by faster.

At 1 minute into the video, PeaceInChristAlone asks is this the way to go, is this Atheistic belief better for society or is the Christian view of settleing down and getting married better for society.

Well sorry, but he can not be serious with this question. This is why I think he has turned to trolling. Maybe he wants views I don't know, but if his goal is sharing the gospel, trolling the internet rarely works. He knows full well and good many atheists get married and have happy wonderful lives. Furthermore he knows that atheism does not preach any morals. It is simply a lack in a belief in a god.

Atheists get their morals from the same place the Christians do. We get them from our parents, and later from our teachers and peers.

Anyway here is the video of me meeting PeaceInChristAlone, I like the guy and consider him a friend so it was rather difficult to call him out on his trolling. If you want to make videos and get views go for it, but if your goal is to win people to Christ, you are turning a lot of people off.

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