Sunday, January 1, 2012

Calling Bullwinkle on Irony

I was going to ignore this when someone sent this to me, however I went through the comments on the video and I saw this...

Turns out the above video was removed by YouTube so here is a copy

See Corky keeps forgetting that the internet does not forget

Now what is most important about that video is how seriously I took it. Remember, when that video was posted we both lived in the Phoenix area. He had the means, and the motive to carry out his actions. I did report the video to the police.

You will notice that this video is currently set to unlisted. I have actually made this video unlisted a few times before. Several times I have taken down videos about Corky, yet he still insists that I am harassing him. When in fact if you look at it, most of my videos about him for the past two years have been rebuttals to the accusations he made against me.

Now he has claimed many different reasons for posting that death threat. One of them is no longer available but here is my response to it, which does include clips from his video.

Here is a different version of his reasons for that death threat.

I even have two other videos of his giving yet two more conflicting reasons for the death threat on blogtv. They are currently on my external hard drive which is in storage. However my story has been consistent. He posted a video threatening to drop my docs on BlogTV. When I complained to BlogTV they informed me they can't do anything until he actually does it. So I had to monitor his account. When he started the death threat I pressed record. Simple as that.

A few months ago, he threatened my life again.

Now this video I did not feel threatened by. We lived in two different states and he had no means of travel to my location. Furthermore his threat about sending Muslims after me is laughable. However it does put his previous threats into context. Corky is the type of person who has and will threaten other people online. You will notice that this video is currently unlisted as well.

In the ultimate form of Irony, he claims this user, AtheistIsland who gave him a death threat just a few months ago received a death threat from Corky. Now I can not and will not condone the comments left by AtheistIsland. Threatening other people is wrong no matter who does it. But when you have a person who has a proven history of threatening other people on the internet, now crying about being threatened, you just have to shake your head.

Now some of you may be asking, "Why are so many of my Corky videos now unlisted?" The answer is simple. When Corky finally got it through his head that hard work is the only way he is going to better himself, I took the videos down. He posted a video, now deleted because he closed the account, of him doing some manual labor. I decided to help him by again taking the videos down.

I got a few messages about it, and I responded that I was giving him yet another chance. People told me it was unwise but nevertheless, as the good guy, I always have to give peace a chance and believe that people can change.

Sadly I must report that Corky does not appear to want to change. Recently he posted a video claiming to know where I went to truck driving school. About two days ago he changed the title to make it appear as if he was joking. Given his track record with the truth I will let you make up your own minds.

I do not know if Corky has accurate information or not. If he does it really doesn't matter. I was recognized at school. So people do know who I am. If he did carry out his threat he would not do any real damage.

Final thought. Even though Corky continues to accuse me of all sorts of crazy things, even though Corky has threatened to contact my trucking school, I will keep the videos unlisted. I may be a fool, but I am still willing to help him rebuild his reputation on YouTube. All that he has to do is stop intentionally damaging the reputation himself