Friday, November 25, 2011

I thought this is funny

For the past few weeks channels have been popping up every day and they upload a few of my videos. When this happens the videos come to me. Normally I don't have a problem when someone re-uploads my videos but I do prefer if the don't. Taking clips of course is 100% fair use but I am referring to re-uploading entire videos of mine. Usually when someone re-uploads my video I leave it alone but when they put malware in the video description I take action. Every day for the past few weeks I have had to do this. In addition to my videos they upload videos belonging to others. So I take the time to contact the other people and usually in a few hours the channel is shut down.

However I thought this video was funny because this time they decided to re-upload my video about DMCA abuse. I think it was funny filing a DMCA take down on a video about someone abusing the DMCA form.

Here is the video stolen from me

And of course here is the original

For those interested is the channel however I don't know how long that channel will last as every video is pirated and has malware in the video descriptions.