Thursday, February 23, 2012

MeganLeeHeart threatens to have someone killed

As you know MeganLeeHeart formerly known as BlondieVlogs ViralChick and co-owner of the account SkitsNVlogs has a well known history of threatening other users on this site. Sadly many of Megan's past actions are now gone thanks to claims of copyright infringement from Moonport Productions.

However thanks to the Streisand Effect valiant efforts have been maintained to ensure that the truth remains out there.

A short while ago MeganLeeHeart threatened yet another user that she deems as her competition. As with many of these threats this one was forwarded to me. However because this user genuinely fears for her safety, I have edited the pictures to remove the date and the name of the user to which these were sent. This is to help maintain this user's privacy.

I am relying on the fact that MeganLeeHeart sends out so many of these type of messages she will be unable to recall the date or month that these were sent. Of course I have sent the original versions of the screenshots to YouTube.

The first message is simply about a user "copying her tags" This was sent from her viral video review channel MeganSpeaks. MeganSpeaks nobody is "copying your tags" You simply review every popular video and copy the tags to ensure that your video shows up on the related videos column. Other people do the same.

In fact one of the larger channels Freddiew even made fun of you in the tags of his Minecraft Video

However, she decided to copy the tags anyway even though it meant sacrificing her dignity just to help her video show up in search results for a few extra dollars.

Anyway when someone new to the scene dared to review the same video she did, this is the message she sent out to her.

Telling someone that you will make sure that they die in cold blood and then have them hacked is kind of over kill don't you think. Honestly Megan, after you kill this person, do you really think they are going to be worried about their YouTube channel. The last thoughts through their mind would probably be "Gee, I wish I wasn't dying now."

So a few more days went by, and this user was harassed by sock accounts. No sense in putting those up because you can always claim plausible deniability. However there is no disputing the messages that come from your own accounts.

Anyway, eventually this user thought it would be a brilliant idea to make peace with you. They sent this message in good faith.

Now of course this person had no idea that they were dealing with MeganLeeHeart, the only person allowed to be on YouTube. This person thought they could make peace. How foolish of this person. What a n00b.

You rightfully corrected this person and put them in her place.

This person learned MeganLeeHeart 101.
Threaten to hack
Threaten to kill
Advise the n00b to leave YouTube
When all else fails whine in the YouTube help forum like you did here

MeganLeeHeart you are welcome to be on this website all you want. However your threats and intimidation are not. As long as you bully others on the internet people like me will stand strong for the innocent and defy you.

UPDATE: MeganLeeHeart was caught in a lie. She claims that this post is fake and that the screen shots were photoshopped. However why did she correctly guess the name of the user these messages were sent to? Right click this image to see for yourself.

If you want you can read the comments yourself here on this video

Furthermore as this video demonstrates Megan was in clear contact with this user as she left comments on his channel

Sorry Megan, but I have every reason to believe that you did this.