Friday, February 24, 2012

ILaughedAtYou White Knight Syndrome

For those who do not know, a White Knight is someone who shamelessly defends the honor of a woman on the internet and viciously goes after anyone who dares defame her. White Knights are almost always laughed at and never score with the fair maiden they defend.

Behold Internet White Knight (suspected sock account) ILaughedAtYou

I thought about doing a video response to this pile of bullwinkle, but then this user would probably just private the video like he did the last time.

So instead I have decided to reply to each part of the video point by point. The first point I would like to point out is why so many people suspect this to be a sock account. I would like to direct you to a facebook post made by LifeInATent

So I was not surprised when all of a sudden a bunch of videos started popping up attacking LauraTickled and TheReplyGirl. Now let me make one thing both perfectly clear. I agree with many in the YouTube community that the Re: trend has gotten to be annoying. I am not subscribed to any of these channels but I do consider them nice people. My concern has always been standing up to internet bullies. That is why I have gotten involved in the past.

Here is just some of ILaughedAtYou's recent work

Here is a screen shot of one of his White Knight comments. Notice how the White Knight can never see any flaws in his fair maiden. LOL

Obvious White Knight is Obvious

I just love the White Knighting in this comment.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at how obvious it is.

Irregardless lets move on to the recent video and go after it point by point

BullWinkle. The MeganSpeaks channel was created on August 9th 2011 and TheReplyGirl started her channel on July 18th 2011. However for accuracy TheReplyGirl was originally a personal vlog channel and thereplygirlsreviews was her first viral video review channel which was created on July 2nd 2011. So this user tells his first lie in the first 41 seconds of the video.

Now MeganLeeHeart started her channel on May 18th 2011 and before that she was on ViralChick, before that, BlondieVlogs, and co-owner of SkitsNVlogs.

She has of course claimed many times never to be the owner of SkitsNVlogs but that is contradicted by her own words posted HERE

However ILaughedAtYou again misleads his audience into thinking that MeganSpeaks came up with the "business model" of doing video responses to popular videos. Even if we include her former closed and two terminated accounts she is still way late to the game.

One of the first who did video responses to popular videos was TheRapperWhoEats. While he closed down his account a few copies do remain. What was great about this kid is he did it simply for the LOLs. Back then there was no Account Monetization Program from YouTube. It was also very hard to get into the Partner Program. The Networks were not inviting everyone in so this kid posted a video response to "Every Faking Veedyo" and all he did was make faces into his webcam. Some of the tribute videos to him are from 2009. He was around way before any of these new kids on the block.

Another early pioner in the viral video review trend was HemeJeep19. He even created a channel called Hemijeep19responds on December 10th 2010. The channel currently redirects to his main account. Fun fact, he actually responded to one of my videos.

He was also able to get his Hemijeep19Responds channel partnered on January 6th 2009 and is still one of the few response channels to do so. For example, the reason TheReplyGirl moved her viral video reviews over to that channel was because it made Partner despite having way less views than TheReplyGirlReviews. LauraTickled is in a Network but at this time I don't remember which one.

Before he was HemiJeep19 he was TheVideoResponseHero and that channel was started on September 26, 2008. Just like a mother beach he responded to Every Faking Veedyo. His first video was posted on the same day.

Of course we can not ignore the ultimate view leecher iShatOnU. He joined in January 8th 2009 and for most of 2009 put out some really crazy videos. Then during 2010 and 2011 he went to doing videos like this.

Of course he has changed the title to include the word commentary and he did modify the thumbnail a bit. While iShatOnU is and always will be a troll, I actually know the guy behind the mask. Well we all do now, he has since taken it off. The guy behind the mask. While iShatOnU's views have dropped he has become quite successful by launching his own Network where he can add other people and make them Partner.

However lets now go on to the second half of the point. MeganLeeHeart aparently has different motives other than money for doing her videos. Lulwut? Okay. Next this White Knight claims that Megan does more than reviews she has MeganLeeHeart, MeganLeeGames, and MeganLeeMusic.

Behold the glory of MeganLeeGames I actually found one of the better ones.

Now regarding MeganIWouldn'tCallThatMusic if you look at her channel you will see any video that gets too many negative ratings has the ratings disabled. This is one of her more recent videos.

Now don't need to know how to cook in order to know good food. Likewise I don't have to know how to sing in order to judge good music and this ain't it. TheReplyGirl does have her own talents. She has a channel MyArtForever where she has tried to turn that into an art channel. To be honest I would say she is a decent artist. I would not classify her as great. I also know she is fluent in 3 languages. In addition she knows a little German.

The videos that TheReplyGirl puts out is nothing special. I am not going to try and pretend that they are. She just turns on the camera and posts videos trying to leech views off of viral videos. Just like MeganSpeaks and so many people before them.

The White Knight then goes on to claim that MeganSpeaks videos qualify as an actual review because it is apparent that she knows what she is talking about. Orly?

I don't know what the show is called but it is funny

I don't know how many people got hurt but I hear a lot of people were seriously injured

I don't know what language this is or what country it is from but someone is in their car filming.

Now by this I do not mean to imply that TheReplyGirl is any better. My point is BOTH of them do video reviews on viral videos without any real understanding of what they are reviewing. They simply do a video, copy the tags and descriptions and the first one to upload their video gets most of the views.

Once again, pure bullwinkle. All this user did is find two video responses in which MeganSpeaks had better ratings and used that. I could mislead my audience but I am not unethical. Instead I will compare the most viewed videos from each channel using Google Chrome's YouTube Rating Preview Tool.

To further illustrate my point I went ahead and showed the ratings of two of MeganSpeaks other channels. As you can clearly see on her music channel when the ratings are poor she turns them off.

On her gaming channel she rarely gets above 50 percent. If you install the Rating Preview Tool you can see this for yourself. Now this is not to imply that TheReplyGirl gets all good ratings. The ratings on all her channels are very poor. I am just replying to bullwinkle from the White Knight.

Ok so MeganSpeaks has more subscribers than TheReplyGirl. Does that automatically mean that MeganSpeaks is better? If so then MeganSpeaks is only second best.

Behold the best viral video reviewer out there if we use ILaughAtYou's standards. Of course having someone more subscribed than her will just not do, so in typical Megan fashion she has lashed out.

I have contacted her and I am trying to get a hold of this email. Hopefully she will release it to me.

One other thing I would like to point out. MeganSpeaks has tried in the past to tell people that her arrow is trademarked. Well I contacted the United States Office of Patents and Trademarks which is an agency of the Department of Commerce. No such trademark exists. You can contact yourself if you like. An arrow pointing at your mosquito bites is not a trademark. According to the Office of Patents and Trademarks, "A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination thereof, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others." Now if I was actually putting MeganSpeaks thumbnails on my videos then we still wouldn't have a trademark issue. That would be a copyright issue.

Let me give you an example. There is a reason I can't bake some bread and slap the word Hostess on the label and try and sell it. Even if I used their receipie. People want Hostess bread and want to buy it from either the Hostess store or a retailer. Trademark protection is in place to prevent people like me from using a companies well known and trusted brand name for my own profit. It is NOT for arrows pointing at mosquito bites.

I guess I should point out that MeganSpeaks has begun telling people that the arrow is pointing at her and not at her mosquito bites and that we are all perverts for thinking otherwise. I would like to show why I think she is wrong

I do hope I am not the only one who can see the difference. If you want to point arrows at you, then do so. However don't try and fool anyone when it is clear that the arrow is pointed at your mosquito bites

Just for the Lulz on November 5th 2011 MeganSpeaks announced to her subscribers that she would no longer be showing off her mosquito bites in her videos.

By November 9th the mosquito bites were back. Her desire to not be a "whore" as she described it lasted just 4 days. If you were to look at her view count you can see why. Even in those for days she posted a few videos with her mosquito bites.

Later she did post this explaination to her viewers on November 19th

Now on to ILaughedAtYou's next point. I got nothing. Nigahiga giving a thumbs up to a video is his decision. You will notice he did not approve it as a video response. Show me where he is a subscriber and it might mean something.

Ok this is down right laughable. On many of MeganSpeaks videos her comment voting is disabled. More than likely to stop negative comments from getting thumbed up. However on the videos that do have comment voting enabled you will be hard pressed to find one that is voted up.

Furthermore it is very interesting that ILaughedAtYou chose to highlight jzrock667's comment when you consider that he has only been subscribed to MeganSpeaks for a week, and MeganLeeHeart for 6 days.

Now I will do something that ILaughedAtYou did not do. I will show you a video from MeganSpeaks that shows the REAL typical comment that gets voted up and if you look at the screen shot I will provide you with the URL so you can see for yourself

Now it should be noted that comments can be voted up or down, so if you are reading this weeks or even months later the top rated comment could have changed. It is also possible that after reading this post MeganSpeaks will turn off comment voting on this video.


Wow what an original idea. I wonder where he got it from? Irregardless I say we should follow ILaughedAtYou's suggestion and only allow the number one most subscribed reviewer TaniaUnCensored to be seen. LOLOLOLOL

If I were to take a guess, ILaughedAtYou may have come up with his brilliant idea for youtube from the video description of this video. Does anyone else see this as being spiteful and petty.

More lulz were found here in her comments to the video by CupofTeamOfficial
She said she wishes that she could get rid of all the other channels and her attempts have been fully documented by me and others. However the replies to her comment are priceless.

Ok so only talented people are allowed to post YouTube videos? Furthermore you go on to compare MeganLeeHeart's videos to TheReplyGirl. The videos on MeganLeeHeart channel and on her Music channel contain high quality production and editing. I will let you all make up your own minds about her "gaming skills." MeganSpeaks does the exact same thing as TheReplyGirl turn on a camera and talk about the latest viral video.

No that is NOT called spam. Furthermore I have already demonstrated that MeganSpeaks also uploads videos where it is obvious that she has no clue what she is talking about. However I will embed a few more videos.

MeganSpeaks actually thinks the President of Russia was arrested. Granted a bunch of reply channels got punk'd by this one as they did not take 30 seconds to check their facts. Still sit back and marvel at how funny this is.

It should also be noted that Russia does NOT have a President. Vladamir Putin is the Prime Minister not the President. ABC did a news story at how the fake video went viral. You can read it HERE

Congrats to Katersoneseven and "the guy"

Seriously how could she watch this video and NOT know who SMPfilms one of the most well known YouTuber's on this site is. He has only been appearing in her videos for like the past year and a half.

The final two minutes of the video is just to generate the third thumbnail. Anyway if anyone wishes to discuss this blog the best way is to contact me via YouTube.

My final thoughts on this whole Reply trend will be covered in my next YouTube video. However I will say this. The reason people do them is because it generates a lot of money with very little effort. Now the videos in of themselves are not a violation of YouTube's rules. Anyone can post as many videos as they want even if they all are pointless. There are some people who are known for spam tagging and they will eventually be caught by YouTube. Page 41 of the YouTube Creator Playbook states that posting repetitive words in your description is spam.

The reply business is serious business and sadly some people take it too seriously. Sadly some people have tried to threaten and harass other users and stop them from posting videos. If you have been the target of harassment I suggest you watch this video. It was removed from my channel at the request of Machinima but people have been spreading it around.

One final thing, in the comment section of the video ILaughedAtYou accused someone of using a bot to thumb down his video. However all you have to do is click on his video and then go straight to your YouTube history page and see the ratings for yourself. 39 thumbs up 73 thumbs down. Of course a lot of that came from the fact that I put the video out on twitter and sent out some PMs to my friends. I even put out a bulletin asking people to give it a fair rating. However I will admit I did put out a tweet saying I think the video doesn't have enough negativity. LOL