Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No, I will not be doing that.

Taking down the Corky videos is something that I have done 5 times. In each of those 5 times the response has been the same. Corky wishes to continue to trash my name for reasons I simply do not understand. However, trying to reason with Corky is not something I can do. Rather, I am at a loss as to why anyone still believes his frequent lies.

Let's clear up one lie right away. Corky claims here that the name Corky came about when we lived together. However, even that is not possible. As seen in this video down below you will see a clip from 2008 where he is responding to a user that was calling him Corky. I know longer possess the original clip, however it is clear that the name Corky predates the time he lived with me. Forward to 1:12

In reality the name Corky serves two purposes. The first, as his channels have been shut down on YouTube multiple times for doc dropping and posting threats online it would not be easy to respond to his username as it keeps changing. Second, having a consistent name that I refer to him by makes it easier for my subscribers to keep track of who I am responding to.

Now let's address the things he has posted online about me. Even as recently as two days ago according to his twitter feed he went on blogtv, using the computer that I bought for him, to again trash me.

I have since reported him to blogtv.

He was banned for dropping docs which is against the terms of service. See below.

The difference with Corky is his accusations come with no evidence. Yet, somehow he has people who still believe him. Yet, when people simply reply his OWN videos for all to see, he claims he is being slandered.

Anyone remember this?

Along with other videos he has done such as HappyCabbie beats up little girls, he has accused me of rape, and even recently he accused me of murder. Yes murder.

Here is the unaltered video. He closed his account shortly after posting this. He opened a new one shortly thereafter.

You can also go through his tweets to discover that anyone that I tweet to or who tweets to me gets a response from him. Stephanie Hunt found this out.

Of course what could be funnier than for Corky to complain that someone was doing this to him. See this tweet below.

Corky has a history of lying. Let's start with the most recent. On August 22, he uploaded a video titled "An Apology and Farewell to Everyone On YouTube" Although the video is currently private HERE is the URL. The video description said this:

All I've ever done on this site is cause people pain and suffering. I can't do this anymore. I only ask that someday you are all able to forgive me. I'm sorry to have bothered all of you. Also, I want all of you to know that to keep myself from making anymore videos I have smashed my camera. I doubt I'll ever have money for another so this will help me keep my promise to no longer bother people on youtube. I need to face reality that I am a waste of oxygen and there's nothing I can do about it. I need to face the reality that my delusions of success and love are just that, delusions of an incredibly disturbed individual

He returned one week later. His camera was never broken, it was simply to gain sympathy for himself. However, there is nothing wrong with playing the sympathy card right? Well let's look deeper.

Remember when he claimed to be living in and how it turned out he was lying once again. It was a show house, as proven here.

Later he filmed from the "backyard" of that house but it did not match up with the first house as seen here.

So if he can't even tell the truth when it comes to simple things like breaking his camera and living in someone's house, how is it even possible that people believe him when it comes to his accusations that I am a rapist or that I am running from the law? What is even more surprising is this is all KNOWN to those who believe in him. People such as MissPickletoes, PeaceInChristAlone, AshleyDakota, RubberWilber, Mike10Dude, JuggaloVlogs, FireXtra, they all KNOW he lies and accept that he lies. For them truthfulness is NOT an issue when it comes to someone's character.

Sorry, but for me someone's honesty is crucial. If I can not believe what someone is telling me, then I write them off. Let's take another look at his often repeated claims. That channels such as SpiteBravo are making money from his content. EVERYONE knows this is a lie. His own viewers KNOW this is a lie, yet once again truthfulness is never an issue with them. Simply go to SpiteBravo's YouTube channel and see for yourself. SpiteBravo, and other channels that reupload his content have NEVER made a dime. He can not point to a single case where someone was making money from his direct re-uploads.

He then points to a user WillEzzelltv who he claimed is with Machinima. Once again, this is easily proven false. One you can ask Machinima yourself and they will tell you that he does not have enough views to qualify for their program. Or two you can look at his 34 subscribers and his view count that he does not have enough views to get into any network right now. Most Networks require at least 1,000 daily views. Now WillEzzelltv does have some of Corky's videos monetized but the content used in my opinion falls under fair use. As far as my videos all of them fall under fair use and I am not going to remove them a 6th time.

There is one reason and one reason only that Corky wants the videos showing his past gone. It documents his past behavior. When he first moved in with me, there were many who warned me about him, however who was I going to believe? Was I going to believe a stranger on the internet or the guy standing right in front of me? This time there is evidence. There is evidence of his lies, there is evidence of his threats, there is evidence of how he lives in a mess and spits on his own floor and throws tissues all over the place. These are things to consider if someone is going to take him in again.

Finally if anyone has any doubts about his truthfulness I would like to refer you to this video.

As for me, I am enjoying my time away from the internet. I don't have any plans on returning to making videos. My inbox was full of messages and far too many for me to read. Let me just say that I am happy.

UPDATE: September 15th 2012

NickBravoSpeaks made good on his threat to drop my docs on BlogTV and decided to record it. I emailed the blogtv moderators and his account was shut down just a few minutes ago.

FYI I have copies of all these videos. BlogTV allows this in their Terms of Service.

I have also reported him to twitter, I will see what happens. Every time I discuss him you will notice that I am defending myself in accusations he has made against me. Even in cases of parodies such as the My Teeth musical video, it was a response to his accusation of murder. I do not lash out at him. In fact I do my best to ignore his baseless accusations. However, there comes a point when his accusations need to be addressed and when it reaches to the point of violating the terms of service, I take action to defend myself.

Fun fact one of the recorded shows about Sheri226 is how he has asked her many times to leave him alone and to quit posting comments on every video she can find about him and just ignore him. Corky, people have been asking you to do that for two years.

Every video made about me he goes on and drops my docs, and tweets to every person who tweets to me on twitter. Practice what you preach dude. Why do you have the gall to demand someone stop doing exactly what you are doing yourself? The only difference is while Sheri226 is obsessed with you for some reason, she doesn't violate the TOS by dropping your docs nor does she make up baseless accusations.