Sunday, December 2, 2012

Death Threats and Toilets

A few days ago I messaged WillRocks1997 (formerly WillEzzelltv) about the death threats he sent to Corky a few weeks ago. To date I have not found any response from him.

Examples of the things he said over twitter include things like these show here.

While his intentions may be noble, he did cross the line. Threatening other users is not something I can stand behind, especially when it is done in my name. WillRocks1997 needs to apologize for this infraction.

Now into other news, everyone has been bugging me to talk about this. They all want to know my thoughts on his car, heck even Corky announced he wants to know what I think of his car, as seen here.

I will answer this very simply. I do not care. The fact that he has money does not have any impact on my life. I am concerned however that he is spending his money faster than he is earning it and if he is not careful, he will be broke again real soon. That is my only concern. He obviously came into some money and I am happy for him.

Here is a person who just 5 weeks ago posted a video talking about how he didn't have $50 to spend to renew his pre-paid phone card, now he is driving a 2012 Mustang. Let's look at the costs. According to Kelly Blue Book a 2012 Ford Mustang has a value of $20 to 25,000 depending on the milage. A person who has had drivers license suspensions in the past 3 years would pay a much higher premium for insurance, added to the cost of a sports car in Los Angeles. According to California DMV, they will not issue registration for a vehicle without proof of insurance. If he financed the car, then he will be required to purchase full coverage, however he claims he wrote a check for the full amount. Still it would be unwise not to have full coverage on a new car. Car insurance would be at least $1,000 and I would suspect possibly up to $3,000 per year.

In addition, he recently purchased a flat screen TV, computer, iPhone and who knows else what for a grand total of $1,000 at least. With the new clothes, it is likely his spending in the past week has been $25,000 to 30,000 and according to him he got all this from recycling cans.

Let me make this clear, while I may not have a 40 inch TV or a 2012 Ford Mustang, I do have indoor plumbing and a working toilet. Maybe I have different priorities. I am not the only person to bring this up.

I don't believe for a moment that a person can generate $25,000 in one month from Recycling. Even if he were saving his money all this time, he has neglected basic bills such as purchasing a new Phone card in late October, or when he did his mail video in November he pointed out that he was at risk of losing it because he fell behind on the payments. No, a person simply does not save money and live in abject poverty only to spend it on trivial things like a new 40 inch TV. What happened is he simply came into money. We will never know how much money he came into, hopefully it was more than $30,000 or else he is about to be broke.

In the video listed above he talks about the difficulty of finding a home. This may be due to the fact that the last three apartments that he had he was evicted from. One in Phoenix after which he moved in with me, the apartment we got kicked out of, and the one in California where he left the apartment in such a state of disgust as he spat all over the floor as seen HERE.

All I can say is that I disagree with his priorities. He currently lives in a non-functioning RV on land that is not zoned for that use. He does not have running water and only recently set up a generator to provide himself with electricity. A few thousand dollars should have been spent on getting the RV fixed and road legal. Then you can park it anywhere. You can park it at an RV lot and have hookups to water and electricity or you can spend a few thousand dollars more and purchase land. Yes, you can actually purchase a few acres for less than $5,000 in many places in rural America.

Now let's say you don't want to live in that RV, after all it is old and kind of run down. There are several options. One you can use the RV to tow a larger trailer and live in that.

You can also do what this kid has done and build your own house and live debt free.

Instead you spend $20-25,000 on a car that will be essentially useless to you as a person in the recycling/handyman profession. To make decent money in that you need something that can haul large items such as a van or truck. Instead you got a car with a very small trunk space and will not be very efficient on gas either. Instead you got a car that will be expensive to insure and maintain registration.

In the past two years you have not been able to afford housing nor maintain your vehicles. While your car is currently under warranty now, Ford only offers a 3 year warranty. (According to MotorTrend) Do you have funds set to the side to pay for repairs, insurance, and tags?

Let us also not forget your primary source of income. You are currently on Social Security Disability, even though you are not disabled and have never been disabled. Somehow you managed to find a doctor to sign off on your physical. I have told you over and over again that this is an income you can't depend on. Eventually you will get audited. Eventually someone will do an evaluation as they do for everyone who is on disability. Eventually Social Security will cut off your benefits, and hopefully they will not ask for reimbursement.

So am I jealous of you? No. I have had cars in the past, of course I prefer to pay cash for mine so they were never brand new. However given the choice of running water or a car, I will go for running water every time. If I ever find myself in your position to be given a lump sum of cash I would invest it wisely. I would pay off the remainder of my student loan, and then if I had significant money left over I would purchase land or if I din't have much left over I would put it towards savings. Perhaps at the most I would buy a new computer as this one keeps shorting out.

It is not too late though, Kelly Blue Book still lists the car at $20,000 used. He can sell it, and fix up the motor home, perhaps buy a used trailer, and live dirt cheap in a RV park and still have money left over for a late model car in excellent condition. He can still live virtually debt free.

Despite specifically wanting to know my opinions about his car (see link above) he has since come out with a new video accusing me of being obsessed with his car. Dude, you asked for my opinion.

Anyway he also stated in the video that I lied when I said he had 3 evictions. He also stated this in the comment sections.

Which of course explains why he is NOT holding up his eviction papers here.

According to the papers he was holding he was to be evicted January 16th 2011. He can claim that he chose to move out all he wants but did he move into a new apartment? No, he moved into his van.

Again let's make it clear his 3 evictions. In January of 2009 he lost his apartment and posted a video drunk as a skunk announcing his eviction. January 27, 2009 was the exact date. I do not have a copy of this video but I know that others do. Over the years it has popped up from time to time so if someone has a copy of it, I could use it.

He then moved in with me and was there until we were both lost the apartment at the end of October 2011. His name was on the lease as it was a requirement for him to stay there.

Then of course is the series of videos he uploaded at the end of 2010 when he was losing his apartment because his benefits were cut. Someone has already uploaded those videos and here is the final one.

Corky did you really think people would not call you out on this lie? Your own words have you stating that you already tried 3 different apartment complexes and were turned down. The reason is obvious, lack of provable income beyond Social Security Disability, and your past three times you were on a lease. Does this mean you will never get an apartment? No, eventually you will find one, but let's not forget the point I already raised. Instead of buying a car that you can't use for recycling/handyman work you could be living debt free in a working motor home or trailer.