Saturday, December 8, 2012

MrRepzion says I should mind my own business

MrRepzion is a subscriber of mine, although I think after my video towards him he may chose to unsubscribe. Anyway for those who haven't seen it here is my video.

MrRepzion recently came to me for help against another user MeganLeeHeart who also decided to contact me asking for help regarding him. I thought this was funny when you consider the messages were back to back.

I basically decided to ignore both messages. I wasn't logging onto YouTube regularly at that time and I could not care less about what petty feud these two were in.

When MrRepzion uploaded the video aimed at Onision's mother-in-law I sent him this message.

I did get a response from Onision, essentially he thanked me for the message. I responded that I was not planning on doing a video because it would simply bring more people aware to their personal information. MrRepzion then responded with this message.

When YouTube removed the video, I decided it was time to respond in video. I then informed him that I made a video.

His reply

I am not sure what he means when he says Halcyon made me cry and he can too. While Halcyon and I certainly know of each other, we have been in the same blogtv room at times, we have never really interacted. Nevertheless, apparently Halcyon can make me cry. I responded with this.

The next message from MrRepzion was a bit confusing.

"I know it was him, not YouTube?" Onision can't wave a magic wand anymore than I can. He can try flagging the video. He can try reporting the video for harassment (which would be my guess) but ultimately it is YouTube's decision to let a video stand or fall. They looked at your video, saw the video description where you leak out his marriage certificate and based on the community guidelines they determined that you broke the rules. So I sent this to him.

MrRepzion then replies with

I want to bring your attention to his comparing me to LIAT or LifeInATent. (Apparently shortly after he exploited the death of Amanda Todd, LifeInATent made a series of videos attacking him and as a result got his account shut down for the 9000th time. It is important that you remember that he first brought up LifeInATent as we will be needing this information later. Second of all his claim that no videos attacking him over Amanda Todd can be easily be disproven by putting in a search into the YouTubes for the words MrRepzion flagged. I reminded him of this.

As stated in the video I have supported channels who made videos against me and gotten flagged. Even in this one case where a person made a deceptive edit to my video and purposely left out the points I had made, I mirrored the video.

It should also be stated that I have copied several of the Corky videos that he made against me and have sent them out to friends to post on their channel. The sole fact that video such as HappyCabbie The Sadistic Invalid exist is because I saw to it that did not disappear. A simple search for MrRepzion Flagged will not only turn up some videos about Amanda Todd but also other videos critical of him. MrRepzion replies,

Uh, MrRepzion why is Onision's marriage your business but my critique of a YouTube video none of mine? Just thought I would throw that out there.

By that time I was invited into someone's BlogTv room where we were discussing my video. I sent him a message inviting him as well.

That message was never acknowledged and as such the blogtv discussion gave way towards dprjones and some lady discussing foreign policy.

Later MrRepzion did send me this.

So MrRepzion want's me to stay out of things that are none of my business?

I respond with

Please note the context in which I refer to LifeInATent, we shall need it for the next message.

After this video I decided to issue this "apology" for getting into MrRepzion's business as he was getting in the business of others.

Apology to MrRepzion