Monday, April 1, 2013

You got to be smurfing me

Come on seriously dude, you got to be pulling a joke right?

First you can't take an April Fools joke seriously, no Jordan is NOT taking legal action against me.

Second you yourself encouraged people to donate to Corky a person who at the time you did it said over and over and over that he did NOT WANT a job.

Even the clip you featured from Corky you can hear him say in his own words that since moving into his home in Humboldt County that he quit recycling and just wanted to lay on his ass.  Below is the full video you can hear him say this at 1:20 into the video.

In fact Corky has made several videos on his disdain for work below are a few examples.

In this next video he explains his previous video "I hate Work" was taken out of context so he clarifies that he really doesn't want to work.

and then of course the Ultimate Classic, him lecturing me on why he won't work for less than 10 dollars an hour while he lived with me rent free as I supported his lazy ass for ten months earning 9 dollars an hour.

Now I will freely admit my own mistakes.  Many times I have tried to help Corky and have been bitten many times by him.  However it is very hypocritical of you to publically chastise Jordan for not working when you freely and unashamadly supported someone who repeatedly said he did not want to work.  The fact that you found him odd jobs until one of his family members willed him an inheritance so he could strike it rich is not germane to this point.

You KNOW Jordan has issues.  And for your snippy little comment about how you couldn't believe that nobody in Jordan's family would let him crash at their happens all the time.  When I was 19 I was living in a homeless shelter just ten miles from my father.  His new wife told him to fire me and throw me out of the house.  (My dad owned his own business and I worked in the family business since age 10.)  I am not the only statistic go visit any homeless shelter and you will meet many people who got kicked out and it is not all due to drugs and booze.  Some people do live paycheck to paycheck and if they lose their job boom they can be homeless.

Jordan is a person you know, you and I met him in person.  You know his family history.  You KNOW his emotional problems.  You posting a video publicly chastising him is NOT cool, especially when you consider your ties to Corky.

Final note, what was the deal in getting dressed up in a three piece suit (something you have never done for any other video that is currently available on your channel) to publicly shame this guy?  You could really see the Christian Love flow through your video as you were an ambassador for Christ.  Meanwhile Jordan and I was in a three way skype call with the "evil" Brett Keane.  Brett and I not only gave him some encouragement but also took the time to lay out a plan for him to get back on his feet and we found over 10 job leads for him to check out tomorrow.  I guess it takes a bunch of sinners to show someone the way.