Friday, March 15, 2013

MeganLeeHeart doesn't get it.

MeganLeeHeart just sent me a very angry message on YouTube, essentially blaming me for all her problems.  I would like to point out that people were calling her out long before I became involved.  Let's go through the recent history of what messages went back and forth for the past week.

Megan first contacted me about my opinion on how to restore her AdSense account and re-enable ads on her channels such as MeganSpeaks.

I responded but I wasn't able to offer much help.

Two days prior LifeInATent had contacted me.  He wishes to keep his new channel identity a secret so I shall do so here.

So I replied

And for those who don't know what I am talking about last year Megan, LifeInATent and WeatherManKevin began targeting any channel who dared to do reply videos.  Such is the case with YouTube user TheDollarShort who as an experiment uploaded one video to a secondary channel and incurred her wrath.

This is not the only piece of evidence, there were lots of targets.  Read this blog post for the full details

So here we have again LifeInATent threatening someone else's AdSense and then he sends me this.

I lose patience with him and I tell him this.

During this same time Megan asks for my help with a hater.

I take a look at the video in question which at the time had less than 100 views and a few of Megan's "interesting comments"

So I reply to her with this.

Today my previous message to LifeInATent has gotten back to MeganLeeHeart.  She sent me this.

Point 1.  People were against Megan and the Martin twins long before I came along.  The Martin twins have had detracters even before there was YouTube.  Second as long as Megan associates herself with these two she will continue to be associated with them no matter how much she persists that they are not together.

Point 2.  The fact that AllMyMirrors trolls you and Corky is not something that I can control.  In the end the channel is insignificant.  It currently has two subscribers.  The video made about you barely has two hundred views.  It doesn't affect you.  The reality is you had trolls and detractors long before I made a video about you, so even if Corky and I did not exist AllMyMirrors still would.  That video of his would still be made and would still have 200 views.

Point 3.  Why did I go and make a video about you.  What exactly did I do.  I simply asked you guys to back off harassing others.  I got LifeInATent on record admitting to trying to hack into people's accounts

You can see the screen shot at the top of this blog post that he admits to trying to disable people's AdSense. I have documented all three of them trying to bully and harass other reply channels into submission.  That is why I made my video.  Megan does her best to keep her nose clean by letting LifeInATent and her brother do all the dirty work but even then she sometimes gets sloppy as depicted here.

And as far as those supposed fake screen shots of death threats.  If the screen shots were fake, then how did she know the user when at the time the names were blanked out.  Read my blog and scroll down to the bottom.  It just doesn't add up.

Point 4, even though I have shut up and even have had the videos unlisted now for several months, how is it that she is still being harassed if I am the cause of it all?

UPDATE:  Since posting this blog post LifeInATent and Megan have both contacted me and were not happy with this blog post.  The conversation eventually turned towards LifeInATent's threats of violence at this years vidcon against MrRepzion.  At the conclusion of those discussions I have decided to make my videos public again.  If they wish to return to their old habits I see no need to keep my videos out of search results.  They have the reputation they wanted to have.