Saturday, June 1, 2013

AgentofDoubt Ends The Truce?

Today I logged on and found a new video about me today from AgentofDoubt and below is the video embedded.

He also linked to this BLOG POST of the skype conversation between himself and Brett Keane.  Now the issue between these two people isn't really any of my business and I am not really going to take sides.  However, he did mention me in the video.  For those who do not know, AgentofDoubt and myself had a bit of an issue last week.  The issue was a comment left on my video seen here in this screen shot.

It turns out PwnageAlstars is a colab channel that AgentofDoubt is in.  I found this out later in a skype conversation.  Anyway my reply is based on a video he did a few weeks ago when he posted a video and included this text in his video description.

This is what set me off.  Here is a person who for the last three years has dedicated his life to trying to tarnish mine.  No matter how many times I set my videos to private (six times FYI) he continues.  Ignoring him doesn't work, he continues.  He continues to accuse me of not only raping him, yes that is an actual accusation, but also that I was so infirm that I required his aid to use the bathroom.  He claims that I was a pedophile, he has claimed that I was a terrorist, he claims that I was even a murderer.  In addition he repeatedly violates the community guidelines by dropping my docs all over YouTube.  So you can imagine that I would be a tad bit upset when I see someone giving them a plug.

To me this came down to ethics.  There are some flags that are NOT worth reporting.  I can understand giving people like DisposableGorilla a plug when his channel was terminated.  Other than being a hot head from time to time, Gorilla is a contributing member of the Youtube Community.  I can understand mirroring videos when you feel they were unjustly flagged down.  I have done it myself, although I have edited the videos to make them TOS compliant when I do.

However there are some people who simply don't deserve a plug when they get flagged.  People such as trolls who dedicate their entire channels to trashing and stalking other people.  Let me give you an example.  There was a user Undertakerfreak1127 who was wrongly suspended due to a glitch in the privacy complaint process.  I will not explain how this is done, but I will say this glitch has not yet been fixed.  Undertakerfreak1127 has many videos trash talking other YouTubers, however this is not all he is about.  He also does videos about gaming, and sometimes the news and also personal vlogs.  Thus despite my negative opinion of him I reached out to every contact at Google I had to get his account restored.  Now I can not state for a fact that it was I who pulled it off, but I can say his account is now restored.

Compare this to someone like DontStandSoCloseToMe who recently decided that he is leaving youtube and will post his content on his own website.  Someone like this user does not deserve a plug when his channel goes down.  Despite it being clearly forbidden in the community guidelines this user posted personal information about another user such as Divorce Records and videos featuring Google Maps of someone's house and filming locations.  The community guidelines clearly state that
  • Things like predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation, invading privacy, revealing other people’s personal information, and inciting others to commit violent acts or to violate the Terms of Use are taken very seriously. Anyone caught doing these things may be permanently banned from YouTube.

So where does this leave someone like MrRepzion who did a very similar thing last year by posting someone's marriage certificate?  Well certainly if YouTube decided to shut down his entire account it would have been justified as the community guidelines makes it clear they have a zero tolerance policy, however YouTube decided to be merciful and spare his account and only remove the video.  However, MrRepzion has done more than just dedicate his channel to hatred.  He does some positive content as well.

DisposableGorilla hosted a skype call which was recorded and you can see the resolution below.

That of course is a two hour long video but long story short, I had my say, he had his say and we both decided to take our videos down about each other.  This was actually a suggestion made by Brett Keane.  This was in a later hangout on Brett's channel.  Brett sent me a message asking if I would be willing to take my video down.  I told him I would set my video to unlisted if he agreed to do the same.  He did, and then I did.  The issue between us is resolved.  We had a disagreement, and like men we talked on skype and worked it out.  I am sorry to hear that he and Brett had a falling out, but that is between them.  However, I still think the truce is worth honoring so I think it is a good idea if I continue to honor my end of the deal.

UPDATE:  Since the posting of this blog Brett Keane contacted me.  He admitted that the reason he did not ask for my permission to repost my video to his website is that he knew I would say no.  He has since removed my video.  As far as I am concerned the issue between AgentofDoubt and myself is over and resolved.