Thursday, August 28, 2014

Question to the Adult Industry?

New hold on adult film shoots after another performer tests positive for HIV today.

In 2012 LA enacted Measure B which would require condoms to be used on film shoots.  Then this year the California house passed AB1576 which would require condoms statewide.  From what I understand of the law condoms would be required on all anal and vaginal penetration scenes.  Blowjobs and the facial money shot would still be permitted.   Although there is some disagreement on that, see the middle of THIS article that states that eyewear and gloves will be required.  I've read the bill so can you, and it says nothing of eyewear or goggles.

Now here is some key facts

  1. I admit 1576 is a badly written bill, for example it requires condoms to be worn even among couples who only shoot films together.  For example, 90's starlet Raquel Darrian filmed most of her scenes with her husband (now divorced) Derrick Lane.  The scenes she did with other performers a condom was used.  
  2. There is the question of privacy in record keeping as some performers worry about the government and their poor record of keeping files safe.  
  3. While it is true that no HIV outbreak has been traced back to a film set in the past 10 years, rather it was performers getting infected in their private life, it still is a game of Russian Roulette.  Furthermore other STI's HAVE been linked to film sets.  Mr. Marcus actually went to jail for knowingly exposing his costars to Syphilis  He falsified his STI test so he could still work.  In addition other STIs such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea are 8 times that of the general population.
Over 9000 adult performers have come out against not only AB1576 but any suggestion that condoms be mandatory.  

Performers Ask Hall to Withdraw AB1576

Now Nina Hartley makes an interesting point in this video starting at 3:55

LA Porn Production Plummets - Are Condoms To Blame?

In that some of the performers are quite large and having sex with someone for over an hour can cause micro tears in the vagina or anus.  Now while that is true, porn can take a while to shoot and even though the end result may be only 20 minutes it can take over an hour to get it, can this not be solved by simple lubricants.

Consider this blog post put out by Sheri's Brothel.  A lady will work 12 hour shifts for two to three weeks at a time and if she is popular can have up to 10 clients a day.  Condoms are mandatory by law in Nevada.  They stay safe, and they somehow manage to have sex for hours every day using condoms.  

So here is the question, I can understand the opposition to AB1576 but I do not understand the unwillingness to use condoms.  Gay Porn uses condoms and most of Shemale porn does as well.  It does not hurt their sales.  I can understand the right to privacy and the right to do with your body as you see fit, however as Nina Hartley stated in the above video, those who require condoms don't get work.  However, if everyone used condoms that problem would go away.  Even with you being tested every 14 days many of you still shoot several times a week (if you are in high demand)  As a result many people could become infected with an STI before it is detected.  Condoms lower the risk for everyone.  What am I missing?
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