Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dating Older Women

I recently read an article about the downsides of dating older woman A.K.A. Cougars.  The author suggested against it.  I would like to refute this article, but first I need to define my terms.

A Cougar is a single woman over 40, that is attracted to younger men.  They are usually attractive.  They are usually recently divorced or in a loveless marriage.  An older woman is just that.  A woman who is older. For a man there are two times that dating either a Cougar or an older woman works.

The young Buck.  The 20 year old stud in his prime.

If what you want is just sex with no strings attached, then fresh out of high school is when you are going to get it.  Furthermore, forget about banging Stiffler's Mom

Forget what you see on TV or in adult movies.  Those are far from reality.  No, what you are going to get is someone with stretch marks, skin like a purse from all the years of tanning beds, and all the effects of heavy drinking, and poor diet for the past 20 years.  If you want responsibility free sex, then this is where you are going to get it.

Furthermore, don't get emotionally attached to these women.  They are just coming out of a bad relationship, and have no use for someone who still lives at home.  What they do want is to be hammered hard by some young stud.  Once you grow older, past 20, you are of no further use to them.  A cougar has no time for even someone as young as 30.

No don't go into the cougar market thinking it is all going to be sex with no problems.  Remember, these women have far more experience than their lovers and will use that to their advantage.  They will still do mind games, bullwinkle tests, have mood swings and have a lifetime of experience to really screw you up.

When I was 19 I had my time with some cougars but discovered when I got older the phone stopped ringing.  I made the foolish mistake of growing attached.  My heart was broken.

Date the 40 year old when you are close to her age.

Older women on the whole are not interested in men younger than they are for relationships.  Secondly not all older women are on the prowl for younger men.  Those that are, have the option of young 20 year old men at their prime, so why waste time on the 30 year old with love handles?  The single older woman has relationship on her mind.  Perhaps she wants a new father for her kids, perhaps she wants someone with a good job to bring home a good paycheck.  They will still come with tests you have to pass, mind games, and other nonsense that you have to deal with, but like all women there are good and bad.

In closing

Don't go chasing after Cougars because of what you see on TV or in movies.  They do not look like this.

If you want to date older women esclusively because that is your fetish, then by all means go for it.  Just know you either have to be the 20 year old stud, or someone close to her age.  Just understand, that while women do grow older they do not always grow up.  Some are just as immature and selfish as they were as teenagers, get to know the person before you get in to deep, and never dip your stick into crazy.