Monday, February 23, 2015

Not guilty

Just logged back on the internets tonight and got hit with a few messages about an old classic accusation making the rounds again.  For the past several years people have been trying to make this pedo accusation stick.

The latest round of attack comes linked to an underage user Emma that I discovered and offered my help to.

People took screen shots of the comments and are making them out to more than they are.  I found her by searching for flagged on YouTube and I offered my help.

Over the next month we stayed in contact and I have all the emails backed up.  I am not going to drag her into this, but just a fair warning to you trolls, one email from me and she will gladly set all of you straight regarding our interractions.

Since interacting with me I have informed her of the sexual nature of many of the dare videos on YouTube and have helped her understand why she should only do what she feels comfortable doing.  I also advised her to remove several videos from her channels as they were attracting the wrong kind of audience.

If being labeled a pedo is the price to pay for helping someone then it is what it is.  My reputation is not in question, and will not be tarnished because some people who hold an obvious grudge.

So go ahead make more posts, make more videos.  I will continue to help those who need my help.

For the record Emma not only removed the videos I suggested but also closed her YouTube channels as well.  None of you took the effort to contact her and get some really damming evidence did you.  Did you?  

Of course not, that is because there is no damming evidence, had you asked for copies of the emails between us she would have sent you exactly what I said it was.  Your hard on to nail me would have fallen flat as a wet noodle.  

You wannabee trolls are so pathetic I don't know if I should laugh or feel sorry for you.