Friday, June 5, 2015

Brett Keane wants to start it up again

It has been at least two years since Brett Keane and I have parted ways.  I see no need for him to start it up again but looks like he isn't happy unless he is fighting with someone over trivial bullwinkle on the internet. Those who know his past know that Brett Keane loves to rewrite history as he believes that his audience is to lazy to check the facts.

Here is the video made by Brett Keane it has already been copied by others.  It starts out with a introduction to the whitest Jesus anyone has ever seen.  Jesus was not white, he was from the middle east and worked as a carpenter, that is outside in the sun.  He was likely very dark skinned.

Next you have a message about atheist vote bots down rating videos.  No Brett, those are not vote bots, vote bots were an issue in 2008 and would involve an attack of several hundred votes.  20 people thumbing down your videos simply means 20 people don't like you.  I get lots of thumbsdown on my videos, suck it up.

Now lets get into the meat of the issue, Brett Keane accuses me of seducing minors on twitter with absolutely no evidence.  The only links in the video description go to Brett's other social media.  Brett at least if you claim something put a link in the video description.

Brett Keane then shows my HappyCabbieLive twitter account, which of course is no more sadly, but long time viewers will remember when I used to do live shows and would link to random YouTube videos and we would do positivity raids.  We had on average 30-50 people each time and we would find channels that had almost no viewers.  We would flood the comments with positivity and lots of thumbs up.  He then shows two urls but does not dare click on them.  Thankfully I saw the URLS and wrote them down for all to see.

Ok passing a deuce, due to the fact that this was 4 years ago I don't know why I labeled this video passing a deuce, perhaps my own twisted sense of humor.  But of course Brett Keane can't click on the link because then he will show everyone he is lying when he says this.

Ok so passing a deuce is just some random guys playing football.    Here is the URL and you can see some random positive comments in there.

The other URL I could not get, as it was cropped off, I tried to find the partial URL but to no avail.  If anyone wants to try but it is missing the last few characters.  I do have some theories.  One is that someone in my live show asked me to promote his video, or two when I clicked on the video it was a couple of kids doing something on camera and I decided to hep them out with views and ratings.  Or shall we entertain Brett Keane's theory that on a live broadcast I went trolling for kiddie porn and posted the evidence to twitter.

You see Brett Keane, there is good reason why you had to crop the URLs you can't afford to have people click on them and discover that you were lying.  That is okay.  As the only possible way you can appear credible is lying about others I am able to take it.  It is like the people who claim I flashed my genitals on video for children.  As a network partner I am able to age restrict my own videos.  I did so in that video only it wasn't to show my genitals.  I was showing a medical issue I was having at the time, which has now been resolved.

Brett let's not start this up again.  Go your own way and I will go mine.  I have no interest in starting it up again with you.  That door closed two years ago.  Leave it closed.