Monday, September 5, 2011

Hungrybear9562 is lying when he says he does not believe in fair use

See Hungrybear9562 actually believes in fair use. In fact he uses it himself.

Just in case that video is removed due to a bogus DMCA here is another copy

Find more videos like this on i-Tube

The above video is a fair use analysis of the two videos listed below. I have decided to keep the embed codes here to preserve the URLs of the video. Thus he can not deny that the videos existed. To protect Lisa's privacy the video above has been blurred out in the sections where her nudity is in.

In the video he was showing parts of a video made by Lisa. This was uploaded after she left him, thus it is unlikely that he had her permission. In fact Lisa has since confirmed that he did NOT have her permission. Now I have seen the videos in question and it does fall under fair use. However, if he does not believe in fair use, as he claims, then why does he use it when it suits him?

Second question: If this is really just a campaign to change the laws on fair use, then why has he only chosen to go after certain videos that make him look bad and not all videos that use his content.

For example

It is unlikely that any of these videos got his permission. They do fall under fair use in my opinion. Therefore, if this is really not about censoring videos that he doesn't like, but rather about changing copyright law, then can we expect a DMCA on the above videos very soon?

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