Friday, September 16, 2011

I had better things to do in California than worry

I got so many messages and comments on my video I feel that I must address it. I was not worried about Corky. I knew it was an empty threat because even a helmet head like Corky knew that driving to Santa Clara to barge into the Google summit would be a fools move.

Let's review what he said he was going to do shall we?

I did not have a problem with that video. However dropping docs is a violation of the Terms of Service, as such I did report his comments to YouTube via their online reporting tool. That is correct, even though I had direct access to YouTube staff, I did not waste my time complaining about Corky. The times I had to meet with YouTube staff I discussed matters such as the DMCA, flagging, annotations, the abuse of Network channels who were able to disable flagging on their videos, discussing improvements to Cosmic Panda, ect.

YouTube on their own removed the entire video. Fortunately, a copy of it can be seen here.

Whether or not you chose to believe that I hired a Private Investigator to go after him is your decision. However in this video he announces that he is going to drive to Santa Clara, barge into the summit with a Bullhorn and expose me for what I am.

Let's address this. First he lacks the money for fuel to drive up there, he drives a full size van with a leaky gas tank. Such a trip would cost him at least $100 if not more. Second of all, he has announced that he is driving without insurance and may even have a suspended license now. His vehicle is still registered as California registration lasts for one full year.

So if he actually showed up, this is what would have happened to him. One hotel security would have detained him until the police arrived. Google on their own would have no doubt pressed for his arrest. The hotel on their own would then call a tow truck and have the van towed off their property where it would wind up in an impound yard. I wouldn't even have to do anything for him to be royally screwed. If I wanted to be vindictive I could point out to the arresting officer that he is currently driving an unsafe vehicle without insurance and then that would require Corky to bring the vehicle up to California standards and to show proof of insurance before the vehicle could get out of impound. In short, if he showed up to the hotel, I could have destroyed him.

Now let's move on to the second video that he did.

He has since updated the video description and added annotations that this was a joke. However his video comments on this video from 4 days ago when the video was fresh tell a different story.

As of right now the video is currently set to private. Here is another copy

Irregardless let's look at the obvious. Do you really think that Corky has a direct line to a member of the TSA? No, in order to talk to a real person you have to navigate through the TSA's phone tree which can take up to 30 minutes to talk to a live person. This video was simply aimed to harass and scare me. However, due to the fact that I already passed a federal background check I knew that I had nothing to worry about.

While at the YouTube home office they did show off a few of my videos. One person remarked that when you type in HappyCabbie into the search box the video HappyCabbie is an idiot showed up. That was the only Corky video that we watched. I did not waste my valuable time with YouTube staff trying to get Corky booted off the website. I had more important things to discuss with them.

FYI if YouTube later decides to remove it I wanted to show proof that the video was privated at this time 9/18/2011

Here is a screen shot

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