Friday, September 23, 2011

Video description for FacepalmResponse 9/23/2011

Here is the video of the Republican's booing the gay soldier

For those who want to watch the full debate you can do it here

Arizona State Senator Russel Pearce is facing a recall right now in his home district 18 which is mostly Mesa, AZ. I lampooned his earlier campaign flyer here.

This time we have a new advertisement to poke fun at.

In fact I even found the exact picture they used by simply doing a Google Image search.

Anyway RockGuitarNow has a bunch of videos about Boxxy. For those who do not know who boxxy is here is one of her videos, followed by a remix, and a video by KnowYourMeme

Anyway RockGuitarNow is trying to pass himself off as Boxxy's legal consultant and I think it is funny as smurf. Here is some of his funniest videos

Sadly the video titled Boxxy Counter Harassment is has embedding disabled by request but HERE IS THE LINK TO THE FUNNY AS SMURF VIDEO

This guy is a riot, and videos like his need more views. Perhaps he should ask Boxxy for a shout out.

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