Tuesday, November 1, 2011

YouTube needs to take away the option to disable flagging

Now for those who do not know what this is, back in 2009 YouTube created what is known as the Shows category. http://www.youtube.com/shows

The videos uploaded to this section had a unique opportunity. Their flag button was disabled. For the most part this was available to network studios that wanted to upload their television shows and movies to YouTube. These studios have long since realized that they can not stop piracy so they signed a contract with YouTube to post the videos and earn revenue. People got to watch videos on youtube and the networks made money.

At the same time a few from the User Generated Community were brought in. Among the first was Charles Trippy, Smosh, and Fred.

Now in order to get this special feature you have to be part of a Content Management Network. Anyone can apply by going here

It is pretty hard to get into Content Management as most people who apply are rejected. However once in you can contact your YouTube representative to help you start with your own show.

Once you have been granted the right to start a Show, you then have to create one and create background graphics for it. Once youtube approves the graphics that is it. You can then add any video you upload to the show and disable flagging with no further review on youtube's end.

The audio quality is very poor and glitchy but here is the exact process of how it is done. Some time tomorrow I will upload a better version.