Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Did I Do That?

Well it was a day like any other day for me. Except I went out and voted, that is something I don't do every day. In fact this time voting took some effort as I was recovering from an illness when I had to walk about 2 miles each way to go vote.

Still as I wait to venture forth into Truck Driving next month I spend most of my time on this computer. Either I am answering questions in the Help Forum, or I respond to messages and comments on youtube. I have just been granted Top Contributor Status in two Google Help Forums now. Yay me. There is no pay but it is nice to be recognized for my contributions to the community.

One of the things I check every day is to see if any new YouTube videos have been made about me. Because most of my videos are set to automatic approval, I don't get notifications when a video response has been made. So this helps me keep track of video responses. Due to trolls following me around on videos I no longer leave comments on videos. I usually either tweet the person or leave a comment on their channel wall.

However today I saw this

Well obviously it was a repost of my video. Normally I don't have a problem when someone reposts my video. I prefer that they don't but when people do in most cases I leave it alone. Anyway I clicked on the video and noticed a link in the video description asking people to download something.

This set off warning bells. As I went through the other videos by this user and there were hundreds with new ones being added every minute, I noticed that all of them had the same download link.

This to me sounded the alarm. I knew this was malware and he was using my video to do it. I filed a DMCA immediately. However DMCAs can take days and this malware link was on every single video. I had to act fast.

First I went through the other videos and I recognized about 4 other people. I contacted them and told them about the malware issue. I then started to find videos that I could flag. This user had several videos about how to hack into software and get the download for free. This is obviously against YouTube's terms of service so I started flagging these videos. He had 10 videos on software cracking and I flagged them all. More than likely these were pirated videos like all of his others were but I needed this bad guy gone.

See for yourself. YouTube shut him down http://www.youtube.com/craigct5

Now I know some of you don't like flagging but the thing is sometimes people do need to be flagged. More than likely this user will come back with another account. However if he attempts to use one of my videos to pass around malware I will find him.