Friday, March 2, 2012

The Machinima Process: How to join Machinima on YouTube

When Machinima recruits you they send you a form letter that you are to send to Partner Support and to their contact in YouTube staff in order to be released from the Parnter or Account Monetization Program and to disassociate your account from Adsense

This is the message I was instructed to send out.

This is the message back that I get from their contact at YouTube

Partner Support was the next one to contact me but they inform me that the message did not reach them because I was no longer a Partner

My recruiter with Machinima then sends me this message

Finally I am sent this message from YouTube letting me link into Machinima's Adsense

Now on March 30th when my contract with Machinima is terminated I will lose all the perks of being a Partner such as banners and custom thumbnails. The thumbnails I currently have will remain but I wont' be able to create new ones until I rejoin the Partner Program or join another network.

Setting up account monetization should be easy as the system is automated but that means that I have to submit each and every video once again for revenue sharing. Likewise joining another network would mean that I would have to monetize each and every video one by one in their system.

Applying to the Partner Program can take months. So I expect I will accept one of the offers the two networks currently recruiting me are offering.