Monday, March 19, 2012

Why did Machinima defend MeganLeeHeart till the bitter end?

Over the weekend I had information leaked to me that MeganLeeHeart has signed up with the same network that I am joining. Today I was able to confirm this is true. My new network is well aware of the videos I have made about her and her boyfriend LifeinATent and his twin brother KMartinTV. They are also aware of the full length documentary I intend to publish later this month. A project that I have been working on for months and now I am starting to put it together.

The video's intention is to draw attention that these three work together in tandem and to work with one is to work with all three. It also seeks to make others aware of the threats and harassment she and the twins have sent out to anyone who dared to enter into the "video response business"

Here is some of the video evidence that I have been collecting.

I have lots more than just that. Let us not also forget this wonderful blog post on what MeganLeeHeart consider's harassment. (Anyone who responds to the same viral video that she does) I am not kidding read her own words for yourself HERE Be sure to right click that with your mouse and open in a new tab. However all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. I will be putting this all together in video form and I hope to complete it by the end of the month. Most of my free time will be working on that project.

Anyway if my new network wishes to bring Megan on board into their network they have the right to do so. Although I admit I was rather surprised that they chose to sign up both of us knowing the long history the two of us have. I can certainly understand the decision to sign her up and reject me if they were to do that. Her traffic and earning potential is 10 times what mine is. Of course now that YouTube has cracked down on reply channels her traffic is certainly going to drop, however even if she drops 75 percent she will still out perform me.

So anyway I sent off an email to my new network asking for assurances that I would not be censored the way I was with Machinima. Now I don't have any hard feelings towards Machinima. I think they are a great company and I know many people who are very happy with them. Don't let my sour experience with them be the only thing you base your opinion of them on.

However if there was one regret I had with Machinima it would be this. Prior to making videos against MeganLeeHeart about her bullying and harassment of others I reached out to Machinima for help. I was flat out rejected. I was told that I had to take it up with YouTube. However when MeganLeeHeart went to the Network to complain about the videos that I had posted, THEN they wanted to mediate. Their solution was simple. Get me to stop talking about it.

There were several attempts to bring about a peaceful resolution. The first was mediated by our mutual friend xRandomShadowManx. That conversation sadly was never recorded. However the agreement was for them to stop harassing people and I would not make a video about them harassing people. When that agreement was broken I posted this video on August 3rd 2011. It was the first video I ever did about MeganLeeHeart

Another mutual friend of ours stepped in and arranged for DPRjones to mediate another truce. Because there was no record of the first truce I insisted on the conversation being recorded. This video was first recorded on August 4th 2011

That video was flagged down, so here is another copy. The first video was unlisted and had 20 views. This one is public and set to creative commons if anyone wants to post it to their channel.

Not even two months later on September 29th they started it up again. I contacted Machinima and asked for their help. Knowing that both MeganLeeHeart and myself were in Machinima I knew that avoiding a feud would be good for business. This is what I wrote and you can see their response below

As a result of Machinima's refusal to get involved I decided to address MeganLeeHeart on video.

Then over the next couple of days a series of messages was sent between us. I wanted one thing. A public apology. I did not want her to continue to lie to her audience and claim that the allegations were false and slander. I wanted her to read a public apology that had to meet my standards. As you can see from reading this blog post she fought it tooth and nail.

She even risked derailing the negotiations by posting a video mocking me. Thankfully I remained focused on the goal and the task at hand: Holding MeganLeeHeart accountable for her actions.

You can read the comments in that video and many people called me a fool for accepting a truce however as I told them, as the good guy I have to always give peace a chance. As everyone knows by now the truce was never upheld and I have recently made my video public again.

On November 26th 2011 a user named EveryoneHatesNelly posted this video about threats she received from LifeInATent demanding that she stop doing viral video reviews because "Megan owns it"

Two days later she posted this emotional video

I then posted the following bulletin

This sent Megan in a tizzy fit. She demanded that I stop talking about her. All I posted was a bulletin asking people to show their support to someone being bullied by her boyfriend LifeInATent. In response to her demand that I stop talking about her I posted another bulletin asking if anyone knew she had herpes. LOL

Irregardless my bulletin sending my subscribers to show support to a victim of bullying was enough to have MeganLeeHeart contact Machinima. Now remember Machinima has all this previous documentation of abuse and harassment of TheReplyGirl. Now they have a new victim Everyonehatesnelly. Both women are saying the exact same thing. Third there was another lady who was also complaining of getting threats, LauraTickled. Now say what you want about these ReplyGirls, nobody likes their videos, however I think we can all agree that threats are never ok.

I got the following message from Machinima

Machinima never even contacted Nelly. Their issue was simply to get me to stop talking about MeganLeeHeart. Sadly I did not record this skype conversation. I am really wishing that I did. What was really frustrating was when they asked me to provide them with evidence of what I was saying. I HAVE BEEN SENDING THEM EVIDENCE FOR MONTHS!!! What did they do with the evidence they had. It is obvious that they did not keep it because they requested that I send it to them again.

So the next day I sent them everything and presented it in a 5 minute video with all sorts of links in the video description.

I kept track of how many times I watched the video as I was setting up the video description which was very long and very detailed. So I can tell you for a fact that this video was never viewed by anyone from Machinima.

Here is video proof that I sent them the video

In this video you can see LifeInATent complain about LauraTickled/LauraSparkling in the YouTube help forums. He says that she gets views from her chest which is exactly what his girlfriend does. Anyway about half way through the video you can see Megan herself comment on Laura's facebook page which she eventually closed down. For Megan to claim that she does not engage in these kind of attacks against her competition is pure bullwinkle.

One has to ask yourself this, why is it that so many people who have never met each other all say the same thing. As soon as they start posting video responses to viral videos they become a target of "random" sock accounts demanding that they stop harassing MeganLeeHeart and that harassment means doing video responses to the same videos that she does. Why is it that then LifeInATent and KMartinTV start showing up when according to Megan she has nothing to do with them. Why is it that after the sock accounts and the twins are in full swing of harassment does Megan herself jump in telling these people that the only way to stop the harassment is to stop doing videos.

On December 11, 2012 I again attempted to enlist the help of Machinima in getting MeganLeeHeart to stop harassing people. This time we had a new target, Lovelliemain.

As with before I had evidence. They never looked at it. They never contacted Lovelliemain. Rather they demanded that I stop reporting on MeganLeeHeart's patern of abuse. They threatened to remove any video that I uploaded and would "take further action" if I continued.

The question you have to ask yourself again is this. Why did Machinima refuse to take action against MeganLeeHeart for harassing people and threatening to have the power to terminate their channels. None of these people that she targeted have ever done anything to provoke this.

Now I can understand her coming after someone who has come after her. Furthermore she has claimed that she herself is the victim here and that these ladies are the ones sending her threatening messages. However, she has yet to provide any evidence of this claim.

Why did Machinima file a DMCA against Jhoe for posting a negative video about her when that video did not infringe on any of their copyright. Why were they willing to turn a blind eye to her abuse so long as she made them money. Why did they only cast her out when it became bad publicity to keep her around?

Now MeganLeeHeart is furious about this blog post of mine. Be sure to right click that and open it up in a new tab.

However something rather odd happened a few days ago. You see when I first got hold of these messages I held on to them for almost a week before I made them public. The user did not want to be identified. When you consider how many messages MeganLeeHeart sends out a day, I knew that if I waited it would be harder for her to find. After all when you threaten as many people as she does, it must be hard to keep track unless you have a list written down somewhere.

This is a copy of the screen shots posted on my blog. I know it is hard to read but right click with the mouse and open in a new tab and it will be crystal clear.

You will notice that the dates and user name were blacked out. I made this posts public on February 23rd, but I actually got them on the 18th. However despite not having a name or a date to go by, MeganLeeHeart was able to figure out the source of these pictures. If these pictures were indeed photoshopped, as she claims, then why would she randomly pull out a user name that she has "never threatened"

The comments appear in this video

Here is the screen shot of the comments. Remember to right click and open in a new tab to read it better.

The truth is she did send messages to GTADreamLevel. This can even be confirmed by anyone because she left comments on his channel. I recorded it.

Or you can look at them yourself here GTADreamLevel channel comments Be sure to right click and open up in a new tab ok.

You can read the comments and see Megan make references to the private messages. So Megan if you wish to prove that you are in fact the victim then show us your inbox and show us the messages from GTADreamLevel.

Now GTADreamLevel was not able to film his screen opening the messages. I requested it and showed him how to do it but he was not able to do it. Had this been a one time thing I would not have accepted the screen shots, however in context of countless other messages people have been forwarding to me from Megan, the possibility of such a message being sent is not that hard to believe.

Furthermore, I intend to prove, contrary to MeganLeeHeart's claim that she is the only one with access to her account that she allows others including LifeInATent to access her account.

Roller42 sent me a video, claiming to have proof that Megan admits to being LifeInATent's boyfriend. However, he did not succeed. While everyone knowns that LifeInATent is Megan's boyfriend despite how many times she denies it, Roller42 actually succeeded in providing me with proof of something else.

Here is another video, where MeganLeeHeart's "manager" orders TheDollarShort to stop making reply videos.

MeganLeeHeart, why does your "manager" have access to your account? Why is your "manager" harassing other people on your behalf and doing so from YOUR account? Who is Lee and where is his office located? I would be very interested in setting up an interview with this manager of yours. How does someone contact this "manager" of yours?

Now if MeganLeeHeart wants to deny that she and LifeInATent are romantically involved that is fine. However it can not be denied that to do business with one is to do business with the other. MeganLeeHeart, LifeInATent, and KMartinTV are a package deal. They are a three for one offer.

Up until last fall they all lived together. It appears now they each have their own place. However they still work together even as recently when Megan and KMartinTV joined up to troll the Kony2012 video and cash in. remember to right click and open in a new tab.

LifeInATent still has access even recently when he was foolish enough to forward me a message sent to Megan from Ric Mendoza of Machinima. As can be seen in this video

MeganLeeHeart and LifeInATent were co-owners of the account SkitsNVlogs

Look at the type of messages they would send out to anyone who dared criticise them

Now why did Machinima ignore all this? Why did they protect MeganLeeHeart for so long. Perhaps we will never know.