Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My only response to Brett Keane Drama

As some of you may know Brett Keane went on his website and said some stuff about me.  Since that post some friends have cut off contact and others are upset with me.  However this is all I have to say on the matter.  I remain loyal to my friends.  This is not the first time Brett has attacked me in video and most likely it won't be the last.

As far as some context, Brett naturally was under some stress for losing his YouTube account.  I stayed up with him half the night into the wee hours.  Sadly I lost my temper with him when he blamed me for getting his account shut down and I yelled at him.  I should not have done that.

I woke up to find a new video about me on his website.  I didn't watch much of it and I certainly do not intend to respond to it as doing so would put stress on the friendship.  For the record I do deny what he said about me.  He sent me this via skype

The conversation went on from there and eventually a skype call where we made up.  I am still talking to people who are upset with me for what I did to Brett.  They claim I got his account shut down.  I still maintain my innocence, however I will allow people to hate me because I can take it.

There have also been drama hounds pouncing on this even though it doesn't concern them.  I will not be responding to them.  I can't control people sticking their nose in things that don't concern them, all I can do is control how I react to it.

Deep down Brett Keane is a good person.  Perhaps I am one of the few who can see it, I don't know.  However, he doesn't have too many people willing to stick by him.  If it means that occasionally things go sour on my end then so be it.  I stand by my friends.