Sunday, June 30, 2013

This video made my day.

RHPSmagenta put out a funny video today.  If you don't know what Poe's law is you can click HERE to read it.

I got such a kick out of this video I just had to share it with you guys.

The link to the arizona law she is quoting is HERE.  I will also post the text of the law here for you.

I think my favorite part of the video was when she did a dead pan delivery into the camera and telling the audience that she has a duty to report me to the State.

Sadly though, some people didn't get the joke and you can tell by the comments they left that they think she is actually serious.

The KEY WORD is "visual" people.  Some people are just so filled with hate they can't see an obvious joke to save their life.  Me and my friends are the ones flagging this crap down.  A URL to a terminated channel is not a "visual depiction"  Even if you look up the channel with Google cache it shows blank thumbnails.

However for anyone who wishes to file a report on me for flagging down child porn you may do so HERE.

Be sure to tell them that I spend a few hours each week targeting this stuff and you find this offensive.  Also be sure NOT to mention AgentofDoubt posting the URLs to a public forum.  We don't want him to get into trouble.

Big thanks to RHPSmagenta for the support.