Sunday, December 21, 2014

A foot lover's paradise

Feet lovers often enjoy different things.  Some enjoy high heels, others such as myself do not.  Many are submissive while I am a dominant and prefer to be in charge of bedroom play.  However, as there are countless videos showing off women's feet I wanted to highlight some of the best of the best, to show others who may be motivated to show off their feet what a good foot video really is.  I do consider this to be an educational tool as I have found many ladies having trouble finding out what to do.  This is a guide for them.

To the ladies who decide that they want to make videos showing off their feet I would like to say thank you. There is no such thing as a bad foot video, so don't take this blog as a criticism.  Rather the purpose of this blog is to help you make your videos better and to celebrate the love of women's feet.

First a special credit to just about the best foot video out there.  Lovette's Foot Tease 3

While there are bootleg copies of this masterpiece out there I am not going to link to them, as I value the work of the creators I wish to respect their copyright.  This video has everything, pantyhose, talking to the camera, constant eye contact, and Lovette being the expert tease that she is.  Lovette has the unique talent of taking the job of removing shoes and socks and turning that into 53 minutes of pure heaven.  If you want to know how to do a foot video, this is the tutorial.  You can purchase the video HERE.

Now in no particular order here are some of the best foot videos currently on YouTube.

This is a short video from JessiePinksFeet, normally I don't like videos to be this short.  The best foot videos are at least 5 minutes long.  I would say around 10 minutes would be the ideal foot video.  However this video does have that special something, her eyes.  Notice how she maintains eye contact, and that sweet guilty smile she gives at the end of the camera.  True it would be nice if she had longer hair, but you can not deny those eyes.  A good foot video should have eye contact.

This one is a old video to YouTube but it works because there are two females.  When it comes to someone else licking a foot I prefer to watch another lady do it.  The reason is because a close up of a dude and his mouth does nothing for me.  The girls do not have to be lesbian, just simply one lady licking the foot of the other.  In this case the brunette licks the feet of the blonde and this video also features pantyhose.

This video has a lot to offer.  First you have frequent eye contact with the camera, very important.  Second it is a good  longer video.  Third you have long feminine hair.  Ladies should never cut their hair short! Feminine beauty means long hair.  Just because a lady can look good in short hair, doesn't mean she would look even better with long hair.  There is no some in this video, she simply puts feet on the table, takes her shoes off and begins to rub her pantyhose. She is smoking hot.  

Here is the same woman but this time in a pair of tight shorts and pantyhose.  It takes 10 minutes for the shoes to come off, as I don't like feet I just skip past this part.  For those of you who make foot videos, take the shoes off right away please.  However, I wanted to show this video as an educational tool for those who want to make their feet videos better.  Notice the self-confidence displayed by this lady.  She knows exactly how sexy she is and she knows that people are turned on by her feet. Yet at the same time, she isn't dominant.  There are too many feet video out there where the lady insults the viewer and talks down to them.

Of course I had to throw a Japanese video in there.  Japan is known for exporting 75% of the world's WTF and that includes adult content but there are two things they do right over there.  The first is lesbian kissing, and the second is feet.  Notice how first shoe comes off right away.  The model maintains eye contact through the entire video.  Also she spends some time playing with each and every toe.  

This one has just about everything.  First is the sexy narraration, typical of tease videos. Another thing is her eye contact with the camera. Foot videos are always better with eye contact with the camera.  In addition, who can resist her soft voice.  No need to be fancy, just sit there and show us your feet.

This one is kind of tragic.  She built her channel up to almost 9000 subscribers and then stopped posting. Still her videos are very well made.  She maintains eye contact, has a beautiful smile.  I just wish that her videos were a bit longer.  Remember try to keep it at least 5 minutes long, around 10 is best.  Just don't abandon your subscribers when you build up your channel.

This one is fun to watch.  She begins her video in a quiet whisper.  Everyone is sleeping in the house but not her.  She starts the video on her belly dangling her feet behind her head.  Very sexy.  Then she begins to remove her socks and shows her feet to the camera.  Maintaining eye contact she begins to kiss and lick her feet.  If you are able to lick your own feet, do so on camera.  It is a sure way to get more viewers. Otherwise get a female friend to lick the feet for you.

Feet tickling
It is a big thing on YouTube but sadly many do it the wrong way.  It is a known fact that you can not tickle yourself.  In fact the only part of the body that you can tickle on your own is the roof of your mouth with your tongue.  In order to do a proper foot tickle video you need to have a friend help you.  The best videos restrain the girl being tickled.  If you don't have the money for props, simply duct taping the hands behind the back will work.  Here are some of the best tickle videos out there.

Special mention Katers17
While she has made mention of her foot lovers in her previous videos, her channel is not about feet. However, her reaction to getting a pedicure is incredibly hot.  Sadly this video was filmed by herself with camera in hand and as such we didn't get to see too much of her feet.  However, she makes up for this by having one of the best and authentic reaction to someone touching her feet.  Very sensual.  If I were to make this video I would have set up the camera behind the pedicurist, so I could capture her feet and her face in the same shot.  Still, this is one of the best tickle videos out there.

This is a good example of why it is best to restrain the one being tickled.  It keeps her from moving too much and getting out of the camera shot.  In this video a third person is working the camera but for those of you starting out this is not necessary.  Simply position the camera where the whole body can be seen in the shot and you are good to go.  

This is another good one.  First she is very ticklish but thankfully restrained so she can't move too much. Second this is a good example of setting up the camera and not moving it.  The second person isn't even shown on camera except for the hands.  This type of video anyone can do.  Just make it a bit longer. Remember to keep it at least 5 minutes long and 10 minutes is best.

Other foot categories
There are lots of JOI (jerk off instruction) videos out there but most are very poorly made.  First problem with most of them is the camera keeps moving.    This is the type of video you can make all by yourself.  The second problem with most JOI videos is they insult their audience.  I would again like to reference the first video by Lovette, if you haven't seen it, buy it.  It is well worth the investment.  As in the Lovette video, the girl here is all about tease and reward.  She doesn't insult her viewers or talk down to them.  Never insult your audience, you will lose them.

Food squashing is very big.  This video is just a teaser for her website but it does do right what so many other videos do wrong. The first is eye contact.  Every foot video should have eye contact.  Position the camera so it shows all of you, or as in this case have someone else do the camera but keep the movement of the camera to a minimum.  A big problem most food crushing videos have is it shows the top of the feet, when the bottom of the feet is what we really want to see.  Also as seen in this preview she licks her own foot.  After you crush the food, it is best to lick the feet clean.  If you can not lick your own feet, then have a lady friend help you.  Another tip, although not shown in this video, is to use a large towel to avoid making a mess on the floor.

This one was produced by an online friend of mine.  Normally I don't enjoy men talking in foot videos but the set up for this one is pretty good.  He is scolding her and as her punishment she is to pop balloons with her feet.  She normally doesn't show her whole body on camera which is a shame because she really has a nice one.  Still, there are plenty of balloon feet popping videos and this one, even though it is old is still one of the best.  Her entire body is in the shot, and she is barefoot.  Can't get any better than that.

Akira Lane
She can be found on Twitter here  She is a professional model who earns a great deal of revenue through custom videos.  For a reasonable fee she will star in a video and you get to be the director.  YouTube can be a source of income, but if your video gets age restricted, then there is no revenue.  Building a subscriber base and then selling custom videos to those who ask is a more profitable way to go.  Although most of her work is done in heels she does still cater to those who just want the feet.  As seen below.

Five things you can do to make your foot videos better
  1. Maintain eye contact and keep the whole body in the shot.  Keep the camera stationary as possible.
  2. No music.  It is a distracting, besides we would rather hear your voice as you talk to us.
  3. No men.  If your camera operator is male, tell him to shut up.  Anyone who appears on camera should be female.  
  4. Maintain your feet with pedicures if you can afford them, if not do it yourself by scrubbing your feet and conditioning them with lotion on a regular basis.  Take pride in your appearance.
  5. Make the videos at least 5 minutes long and around 10 minutes is best.  
To the ladies who take the time to make videos with their feet, I say thank you.  You provide a great service to those of us who find women's feet the best thing ever.  Hopefully with this blog as your guide you can make your feet videos even better.  

How to grow your channel and avoid getting flagged

The first thing you need to do is sign up for Twitter.  Then post a link to your twitter underneath your video description for every foot video you do.  In fact you can even set it to where each new video has this put in as a default.  If you don't know how to do this read this help article.  Just click the link it will open in a new tab.  The reason why twitter is important is for two reasons.  One it is a great way to post pictures online and if you do the right kind of pictures you will do well and get lots of followers who will then come to your YouTube channel.  The second reason is, if you do get flagged and lose your channel, people can find you on Twitter and you can tell your fans where your new channel is.  Always keep back up copies of your videos, that way you can re-upload them if you have to.  A great idea is to upload the same video to a second channel but keep the videos private, that way they are there and ready to go if you need them.

Be careful of how you title and tag your video.  
Using video tags such as feet and foot will do the trick to grab viewers in.  However if your video title is too suggestive, it might get age restricted or taken off YouTube.  Avoid tags such as sexy, porn fetish, ect.  Very important do not use the word fetish in your tags or description.  Keep it as innocent as possible.  Just foot and feet will do enough to bring in the traffic.  List your channel name first in every video description.  If you don't have a channel name and instead have a channel with a long series of random characters click this link to learn how to set up a channel name.  Almost all the above videos were age restricted.  You don't want this.  So keep the titles short and innocent just like the tags and video description.

Make the best of video thumbnails.
When you upload YouTube gives you three to chose from.  If you want you can click here to learn how to do custom thumbnails.  Just don't make the thumbnail too sexy.  A good thumbnail would be of you smiling for the camera with your feet.  Possibly lying down on your belly with your feet behind you, or sitting on the floor with your feet out.  Just avoid sexual poses for the thumbnail, you don't want to get flagged.

Don't show too much skin.
Too many foot videos have the women dressed in very revealing clothing.  This may work on other websites but you can't do it on YouTube.  If and when your video is flagged it is sent in for review and the person reviewing it using a computer program to skim through your video in seconds.  In addition to the title and description and tags one thing the program searches for is flesh tone colors. Therefore if you are doing a foot video wearing nothing but a bra and panties, chances are you are going to get flagged.  Do the video fully dressed when on YouTube.  Trust me, not only will you be more successful in avoiding a flag, but the video really should be about the feet.  As you will note, almost all of the embedded videos above were age restricted.  That means no advertising and thus no revenue.  

Do other stuff besides foot videos.
When YouTube reviews your video after someone flagged it one of the things that is checked is the content of your channel.  If you have over 9000 videos of just your feet, you run a greater risk of getting flagged.  So throw in some other stuff in the mix.  Do some vlogs, or a room tour, a make up tutorial.  Hair brushing videos are very popular and of course you should wear your hair long.  Don't cut it short!!!

Now if someone requests a video of you doing something that would violate these guidelines then may I suggest some other options.  First is to create a second channel and then post the video unlisted.  Never post anything that you don't want someone to create over 9000 copies of.  While you can file copyright claims on your videos when someone re-uploads your content, you may not always catch everyone of them.  So if you are afraid of your grandmother finding that one video you did in private, your best bet is not to post the video.  Once it is on the internet, someone somewhere has a copy of it.

In building your channel it is very important to use playlists and annotations.  If you don't know how to do either there are tutorials in the YouTube Help Center or just message me on Twitter.  Let me give an example using one of my balloon videos.

This video shows the proper use of annotations.  Also at the end of the video I remind my viewers of other videos I have done on balloons.  The video description is full of links for those who watch YouTube via their cell phone.  What you want is when someone is done watching your video, is to get them to watch another video of yours.  This translates into multiple views instead of just one.  Don't forget to ask for a thumbs up as well.  Encourage comments.  Another key thing about this video is the use of what is called a watermark. My channel name is up at the top and is highlighted by an annotation.  Clicking it goes right to the home page of my channel.  Another important thing is if this video is ever copied and posted somewhere else, people will know who the original belongs to and they will come back to my channel.  I have had my content posted on other sites because people have told me that is how they found me, the goal is to get them to come to me on my YouTube channel, so in the editing process, put your channel name in the corner.

Don't be afraid to ask for things in exchange for videos.  Such as requesting that a video reach a certain level of views or likes, or that you reach a certain number of subscribers.  Be careful about wishing for a certain number of subscribers as it is too easy for someone to just purchase subscriber bots on ebay.  No what you want is viewers.  People who will subscribe but also watch your videos.  In time as you build your audience from a few hundred to several thousand you can start to take your channel to the next level and offer custom videos for a small fee.  Or you can do skype calls.  Just be aware that any call you make on skype can and usually will be recorded by the other person.  

Finally, it is your channel.  Never do anything you are uncomfortable doing.  If someone is pressuring you into doing a video you are not wanting to do, just tell them no.  If they keep it up and become a problem just block them.  Do only the videos you want to do.  

Those of us who love feet are for the most part good people.  We are not sick perverts and if you take the time to know us you will find we are the kindest people around and we are very loyal viewers.  So go out and make some foot videos today.

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