Saturday, December 27, 2014

Refusing to do bar girls makes me a rapist

Meet Cocky Turkey videos.  A new channel on YouTube that has decided that the way to fame is to trash larger more successful channels.  Such a shame.  Needless to say such golden nuggets include defending making fun of someone's disorder is okay so long as they deserve it.  Making a pointless accusing Jaclyn Glen of plagiarism simply because she tweeted some quote that has been posted over 9000 times by just about everyone.  Can I have the 16 seconds of my life back?  And of course my favorite, speeding up Thunderf00t's voice to make him sound like a woman and play his own words as if a woman was saying them.  Too me he sounds more like a chipmunk but whatever.

CockyTurkey's videos in a nutshell

She is the exact reason why my blog Why I Don't Do Bar Girls was written.  If you haven't read that post, stop and do it now.  Clicking the link will open a new tab.

Now let's get to her beefs with me.  I find them quite amusing.  I was actually thinking that responding to this person was a bad idea, as to my knowledge no one else that she has gone after has responded.  Thus, my acknowledgement of her might encourage her bad behavior of pecking at the feet of popular channels until someone else responds.  Any good parent will tell you that you never reward bad behavior.  Still I find her tantrum amusing, but I also see it as a learning opportunity for us guys out there.

Point 1.  She hates the word "Do."
Obviously she is not randy and the only shagging she is likely to do in the near future involves a brush and a mirror.  I could have used the words, pork, the hunka chunka, draining of the milk truck, taming of the shrew, the corkscrew, Climbing The Twin Peaks, Climbing the Empire State Building, Here cums Peter in Your Cotton Tail, throat yogurt, The Praying Mantis, and my favorite, The Second Cumming.  Please feel free to tweet at me more acceptable terms for sex via Twitter.

Point 2.  She hates the word "girls."
She goes off on a rant about age of consent but forgets the entire context of my blog that she claims to be so upset by.  First of all, this is a bar.  Everyone is of legal age.  Of course there is the occasional fake i.d. but on the hole everyone is of age.  So no pedosex is going on here.  Second of all a good portion of my blog is dedicated to consent.  For example when I said this.
Rape is rape.  Rape is forcing sexual activity on someone who is unwilling, be they male or female. Now you don't have to hold the victim at gunpoint to rape.  A person could be unable to consent. For example, if I had sex with a person who was unconscious that would be rape. 
Point 3.  She could address all of my points, but she doesn't want to.
This proves to be most unwise as right after she "critiques" my 4th point I clearly state my position that getting a girl so drunk that she can not consent to sex is rape.  Next time read the whole blog so you don't wind up looking like a fool.  

Point 4.  Her entire video is a rant against one point I made in my blog.
Literally one sentence.  Point number 4 of why men should avoid doing bar girls.  I said this.  
Rape accusations are far too common when the girl sobers up and regrets what happened.
There were two parts to my blog.  The first part is aimed at men and my advice for them.  The second part is my advice to women on how they can protect themselves from predators who lurk at bars.  Once again let's define our terms.  Rape is forcing sexual activity on someone who is unwilling.  You don't have to be a thug dragging damsels off in the bushes to be a rapist.  If a person is unconscious, she can not consent.  If you don't trust her to drive she can't consent.  Second as a civilized society we have set age limits for when a minor is old enough to consent to sex.  This varies from country to country but most have it late in the teen years.  Finally, not all rapists are men, women can rape men.

What should not rape is when two people get drunk at the bar and wakes up with morning regret.  I'm not talking about one person spiking the other's drink or something underhanded like that.  I'm talking about two people getting drunk and despite this fact, the woman is almost never charged with rape.  Thus my advice to men is to avoid drunk women like the plague.

Men should not be going to bars looking for sex.  There are better places to meet women and you will meet a higher caliber of woman as well.  If you just want sex and nothing else, hire a prostitute, it is so much cheaper and safer than buying expensive drinks for someone who offers no guarantees.

5.  The Strawman is strong with this one.
Having admittedly not read my blog she begins to rant against the things she thinks I said, when in fact I said the exact opposite.  I clearly stated in my blog that getting someone drunk for the purpose of sex is rape. However, why let facts get in the way of epic self-pwnage.  Furthermore, later in my blog I lay out some advice to the ladies on how to avoid the predators at the bars.

6.  Not wanting to be accused of rape is not as important as me just not raping people.

My thoughts exactly

Okay, let's get down to it.  I am not going to waste my time writing out a long blog detailing the reasons why men should not be raping women.  So I will leave you with this.

Robber's know that stealing things is wrong.  Likewise rapists know that it is wrong.  The thug hiding in the bushes and the pervert with the spiked drinks both know exactly what they are doing and do not care about those they hurt.  This whole "teach men not to rape" bullwinkle would be funny if it weren't so tragic in the fact that such arguments are used against anyone teaching our young women things like self defense classes or fingernail polish that detects date rape drugs.  Seriously, there are people against these things.

So my warning about getting falsely accused of rape is not an attack on women or victims of rape.  There are real victims.  The Department of Justice estimates about half of one percent of all women will be sexually assaulted each year.  Non-college students are twice as likely to be victims.  This of course is a very alarming statistic.  Far too many victims.  This is why self defense classes are a must.  

7.  She goes off on a rant on MRA's  LOL
Not sure if she is doing another strawman on me or just ranting about MRA's in general but if you think what I have to say about MRA's are bad, you should ask some of them about what they think of me.  Anyway she is critical of MRA's being focused on false rape accusations instead of actual rapes.  Go find me a MRA who is pro-rape, go ahead.  FYI, this can not be an obvious troll who is for the lulz.  No go out and find a MRA who posts either on YouTube, twitter, reddit, or somewhere else where he is actively promoting rape.

Rather chances are you will find people talking about false rape accusations because it happens.  Granted it doesn't happen a lot, but when it does you will find men trying to raise awareness about it.  My guess is because far more men are accused of rape, it stands to reason more men would be falsely accused instead of women.  In elementary school we used to call that a little trick called math.  

8.  In case she is still missing a clue...
Rape is bad m'kay.  

She then closes out her video with a big FU.  So unladylike.  Not to mention that you publicly tweet out that you are an underage drinker.  As such you lack the maturity we as a society have decided is a responsible age for consuming adult beverages.  You are exactly the kind of person men should avoid.  In addition to your inability to make responsible choices, you have your profane mouth.  You have the mouth that desperately needs to be washed out with soap.  Sure we all lose our tempers and let a word or two slip now and then, but investing in some bars of soap is something your parents forgot to do.

Your entire video is one strawman after another.  Admitting to not reading my blog and then deciding to attack it based on what you assume it says only makes you look like a fool.  My best advice to you is not to build your channel based on going after one target after another.  Doing so only makes you look weak and desperate for attention.  Then again, based on your own twitter posts, you seem to thrive on this kind of attention.  Such a travesty.

You want to gain positive attention in real life?  Clean up your act.  Lose the arrogance, speak without the crutch that is foul language, grow your hair out to a feminine length.  Unless you are in the military, very few people look good in a buzzcut, and even they don't require their women to buzz it down.

FYI I originally was going to be nice to you until I saw your BionicDance video.  If you figure she can take it, then so can you.  

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Since this post went up, and I tweeted it to her she set her twitter page to protected so she can shield herself from criticism and has set the video to private.  She then set me a tweet linking to this video.

So I agree, we will each go our own way.  I wish her well.