Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Beauty of Long Feminine Hair

There is nothing quite as charming as a confident feminine lady.  People in my generation were just on the tips of losing what was once a great tradition.  Men were taught to be men, masculinity was something to be celebrated, instead now more and more masculinity is shamed.  Likewise it is a shame that femininity is not more celebrated.  Women cut their hair too short and this blog is a plea to women to let it be long and beautiful.  One of the criticisms against long hair is how somebody else looks good with short hair.  Just because someone looks good in short hair doesn't mean they won't look even better with long hair.  See below for some examples.
Hayden Panettiere long flowing hair or short, which looks better?

Jennifer Lawrence, which looks better to you?

Selena Gomez, this one should be obvious

And who could forget the tragic case of Miley Cyrus going full retard by opting for this look

Ok well that is well and good but what about Black Women's hair, it doesn't grow like that.  Black hair in it's natural state will grow out "nappy" and is much thicker than hair of other races.  Sadly to many black women try to "white up" their hair by paying out the nose for hair treatments to thin out their hair or they will opt for a weave instead of just letting their hair grow out in the way nature intended it.  When grown out, nappy hair is quite beautiful, and I speak from experience it is a delight to rub your hands through.  Here are some examples I found.

There are plenty of tutorials on how to achieve "twist out" look on Youtube.

Oh please bring back the 70's look of the beautiful afro, lots of YouTube tutorials on this as well.

This is called a blow out, very beautiful

I normally would not feature a 7 year old girl but I wanted to make her case known.
This poor girl was pulled out of school because her hair did not comply with the school dress code.  The school has since changed their policy to allow her hair, but still, how tragic for this girl.

Of course with time, dedication and patience black women can grow long hair like this.
This is from LongHairDontCare2011 who sadly passed away in April due to Lupus

Long hair takes work.  I guess this is the reason so many women chose to cut their hair short, but if you want to look your best you will take the extra time to look your best.  We have all seen the reaction someone with really long hair gets when she enters a room.  We are talking about really great looking hair.  The kind of hair that attracts attention from the men and the envy of women.  There is a air of confidence about her.  She knows how great she looks in long hair and is proud of her accomplishment.

Oh how I wish more women wore their hair long.  Hair way past the shoulders even down to the waist.  That is what separates the ladies from the girls.  Femininity needs to be celebrated again and embraced.  We need women to stand up and tell the busybodies who want to gender neutral everything a big fat no, and celebrate their womanhood.  Wear the long hair, put on that nice dress, and be proud to be a lady.

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