Friday, May 15, 2015

Is Advertising Sexist

I was going to write a thought out response to my friend LaciGreen's recent video embedded below

In short her argument is based on cherrypicked evidence and generalizations not grounded on any real data.

Had I taken the time to research a fact based response it would essentially be a transcript of this video, only mine would have been a bit nicer, because I consider Laci to be a friend.

The video is 22 minutes long which is long for YouTube but the evidence is presented clearly and backed up with hard data.  However if you don't want to watch a 22 minute video then Al Bundy sums it up nicely for Laci and the other feminists.

The truth is advertising that caters to men typically feature sexy women, fast cars, and good food because that is what men like.  In 30 seconds on Google you and I can both find products aimed and marketed exclusively for women.

As far as Laci's suggestion that beer companies start marketing towards women, they tried that, it failed.  Women as a group are not beer drinkers.  Women as a group are not big eaters of burgers and fried food.  This is why every attempt to make a male version of Hooters have failed.  There are exceptions to the rule of course, however it is pointless to advertise to a group who have time and time again refused to buy their products.  It is not sexist, it is basic economics that we all learned in High School.

Please take the time to watch the videos.