Monday, May 11, 2015

The Internet is not a place for good news

Yesterday I made the mistake of uploading a video showing off this lady I was seeing.  I introduced her to my viewers.  Almost immediately my comment section was flooded by comments calling her a hooker.  Now there is nothing wrong with hookers, in fact I have been upfront and honest about admitting that I have used them.  However, I foolishly thought that there might be people happy for me.  How very unwise of me.

As an experienced YouTuber, I should have seen this coming.  I have since taken the video down, no sense in subjecting her to the harsh coldness of the internet.  For those who did not see the video it was nothing more than me showing her off.  I pointed out her long hair, as I don't date women with short hair.  I ended the video by announcing that I would be spanking her, which of course I did.  

We met last week, when I was in town.  Part of my job requires a lot of travel and most nights are in a hotel, very few are spent at home.  Anyway, last week I needed a taxi, as I often do when I am in a new town. Brandy was in the hotel lobby and offered to give me a ride.  I then told her that I would be giving her the money I was going to spend on the taxi.  Sadly, that money came out of my pocket, as I can only get reimbursed if I turn in a receipt.  Still it was just 10 bucks so no big deal.

I noticed her hair and we exchanged phone numbers.  About a week later, I find out I need to head back to her town.  I give her a call letting her know.  I check back in at the same hotel and then I tell her I need a ride to the grocery store.  I get some fruit.  When we come back to the hotel, I break open the Chromebook and we get the video perfect on our second take.

Anyway the rest of the evening is spent cuddling and we eventually fall asleap.  In the morning she starts in on me complaining about the spanking I gave her yesterday.  She then says that I should pay her.  I inform her that I was not aware that she was a hooker.  She insists that she is not a hooker but still wants me to pay her. Thankfully, my wallet holds money in different places so I just gave her pocket change.  Yes she was upset but a hooker usually gets the money up front, her mistake.  I then tell her to leave.  I guess the internet was right after all, everyone could see she was a hooker except me.  In my defense though there were many things that fooled me.

  1. A hooker is always upfront about her fees and what services are included.
  2. A hooker does not waste her time taking you to the grocery store.  Time is money, if she is not being paid she is not there.
  3. A hooker will not get on camera unless you pay extra.  They won't even let you take pictures, none of them want to wind up on the internet where they can not control their image.
  4. A hooker will not spend all day and then all night with someone without first discussing payment.
Now if I wanted to post a video of me with a hooker I could easily do just that.  People have created entire YouTube channels of noting but hookers.  I posted the video because I honestly thought she was into me. I was a fool, and an even bigger fool for thinking people online might be happy for me.

There will be no more of her on my channel again.  I have no interest in paying for booty right now, but if I do pay for booty I will certainly get one that will not complain.

Here is what she looked like

Compare todays video with one from last month and you will notice the weight loss in just the face alone