Saturday, December 19, 2015

To Jenny Mcdermott from a Whoremonger

Dear Jenny,

I am not making videos at this time, as I am focusing on my health, so I hope you will accept this open letter. This blog is in response to your recent video to xxxild.  There was a time I counted xxxild as a friend but she decided to end it, I am at a loss to remember why, although I do have a few guesses.  I do not wish to get involved in the vlog war you have with her.  The reason for my response is to refute some of the points you made regarding prostitutes, and I thought you might enjoy the insight from someone who has been with them.

Below is your video for those reading.  

I am not ashamed to admit that I have used the services of prostitutes in the past and I am currently considering using them again.  My regular audience is aware of the problems I have had in the past year in finding a partner and how I am constantly used as an ATM.  Prostitutes would be a cost effective solution to my problem.  

There are more things you can do with a prostitute than just having sex.  About a year and a half ago I made a decision to be chaste and it was a poor decision to lose my virginity and later to have sex outside of marriage.  (For those who remember Brandy, while she did spend the night we kept our clothes on and just cuddled.)  In the past I have taken prostitutes to movies, dancing, fine dining and all of it was much cheaper than the dates I recently been on.  One one recent date I spent over 200 dollars and she just kept adding things to the shopping cart for me to buy.  

While there are no doubt men who look down upon and abuse prostitutes I never did.  In fact in all my years when I was a whoremonger only one prostitute refused to see me again.  Prostitutes even have a name for the kind of encounter I want.  It is called The Girlfriend Experience or TGE for short.  One thing for sure though, you can not turn a whore into a housewife.  This is something every man knows and should pass down to their sons.  

So let's start with the word whore.  There is a reason you started your video off with this word.  Despite it's dictionary definition, whore is now considered a derogatory term towards women.  Words evolve, often far ahead of the dictionary.  So is xxxild a whore, technically she was, but I have no doubt that like all prostitutes she had her standards and limits to what she would do for money.  In my opinion your use of the word whore was nothing more than an ad hominem attack on her character.  However that is all I am going to say on the spat between you two.  It is not my fight.

There are primarily three types of prostitutes and I would like to break it down for you.

Street walkers
These by far are the cheapest hookers you can find, but they come with risks.  In addition to STDs never agree to go back to their place, often a man is waiting there to rob you.  Drugs are also common, as are undercover cops.  What you want is a chubby prostitute.  Someone with an extra 15 pounds on them.  This almost eliminates all risk of picking up a drug addict as the skinny ones are always on drugs.  A chubby is also not going to be an undercover cop as she would never pass her annual fitness test.  Never agree to pull around the corner, that is a cop and the vice squad will arrest you.  If she doesn't get in your car then take off.  A cop will never get in your car and someone who is being prostituted against their will (read pimped) will try to stall so someone can write down your license plate.  Negotiation for services take place in the car not on the sidewalk.  If she doesn't get in right away then take off.  Let some other loser get busted or robbed.  The advantage to street walkers is the ability to see what you are getting upfront and they are the cheapest, I would recommend avoiding sex with them due to risk of STDs.

Internet Hookers
Sites such as Backpage and Craigslist are full of women advertising themselves online.  In addition to STDs the biggest risk is that the lady you get is never the lady in the ad.  Often times a picture from 10 years ago or 10 cheeseburgers ago is used or a photo from the internet.  Never never do incall, even though the price is cheaper.  Never go to a hookers home.  Someone might be waiting on you or it could be a police sting.  To reduce risk make sure you can see her pull up to your home or hotel from your window.  If someone else is in the car do not answer the door and block her phone number.  The advantage with internet hookers is that they come to you, and leave when you are done.

Brothel hookers
A brothel is where prostitution is legal.  I have been to several brothels in Nevada and even posted my reviews on this blog.  Links below.  I have also been to licensed brothels outside of the USA.  Brothels are the safest for the men, the women are tested regularly and must carry their health certificates at all times.  In my opinion having sex at a brothel is safer than picking up girls at the clubs.  Girls at the clubs are not tested for STDs prior to showing up.  The brothels in Nevada provide a safe space for the ladies but it does have some downsides.  The first is the brothel in addition to charging room and board collects half of the fees that the ladies earn.  The second downside is that they don't get to set their own hours and often are restricted to staying at the brothel.  

Other countries have the ladies pay a flat fee to work and she keeps all of her earnings.  It is sadly cheaper to travel to another country and party all night than it is to spend 20 minutes at a Nevada brothel.  Competition and less taxes would make things easier for the brothel prostitutes.  Still there are no shortage of women wanting to work there.

Final point, you can not do anything you want to with a hooker.  You can not take a crap on them and many refuse to do anal.  This is where negotiation comes in, you as the client state what you want to do and she comes up with a price.  According to one lady I spoke to, she found it easier to simply inflate the price to something outrageous instead of saying no.  Like any business transaction the first one to quote a price loses, so I always bid super low and get it out of the way, then real money talk can happen.  

Is there abuse and exploitation in prostitution?  Of course, and it is not a long term career.  It is however a way for a woman to provide for herself.  No woman should starve when she is sitting on a pot of gold.  I would like to say every profession has exploitation.  Many of us have had jobs that we truly hated and felt used.  The advantage we have is we can go and get relief while the hookers can not.

Prostitutes are raped every now and then, every prostitute knows this.  They will eventually be robbed or even put in jail if they are working outside of the law.  To quote George Carlin, why should it be a crime to sell something that is legal to give away freely?  If prostitution were decriminalized prostitutes could call the police if something bad happened.  They can't do this now, as they fear arrest.  The abusers know this, and this is why prostitutes make easy targets.  This is why so many line up for a chance to work at a brothel because the brothels all have security.

Jenny, you and I are no better than a prostitute.  Just because you do not sell your body does not make you superior, just as I am not superior simply because I have money and they want it.  They all have feelings and not all of them are held against their will, many chose to do it because the money is good.  I would rather that she work to support herself than to be living on my tax dollars.

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