Monday, August 17, 2015

Wild West Saloon Brothel Review.

This brothel has changed names more times than Puff Daddy and Prince combined.  It still has the old website PussyCat Ranch and there is plenty of parking.  Centrally located in Winnamucca Nevada about 3 hours east of Reno on Interstate 80.  Once parked you want to go for the building on the left.  Lineups are required but if you insist on not having one they won't force you.  The problem with line ups is you are selecting someone solely on looks rather than personality.  Instead I sat down and a few of the ladies had a chat with me.  

For a building as small as this one they had quite a few ladies working.  The ones I spoke to were very flexible on the budgets.  They have a separate room for discussing pricing.  It is obvious that the room was bugged with a microphone.  There was also plenty of light to visually inspect the man for signs of STDs.  I welcomed the light and in my opinion the microphone was to ensure that after I paid up front I would be given the service I was promised.  There was also a kitchen in case you were hungry.